CBDDY Affiliate Program

CBDDY is already known for its high profit margins for it’s resellers, drop shippers, and pvt label customers. We are now making a big push on our affiliate program. We are investing countless dolllars, hours, and resources into our CBD affiliate program.
We have conversion experts on staff who constantly monitor conversion rates, customer interaction and psychology. We test each aspect of everything released from color of items to font and weight used on designs.

We offer high converting banner ads as well as targeted keyword text ads that we encourage you to use. You can also choose your own custom page to link to and request a custom link.

We provide you with promotional banners, keyword text links, as well as ability to ask for invisible link approval. This means, without even putting your affiliate link on your website, if a customer comes from your website period, and then purchases within the next 30 days you will earn the commission for that sale.

Our products convert your traffic

Why refer a product that nobody wants or is priced out of the market? On average CBDDY sales to every 1000th person who sees it. This was done using ppm ads on one of the major online marketplaces as well as combining the data from our website traffic and conversion rates.

It is the leading provider of CBD enriched hemp oil. Our products have been specifically formulated using only pure CBD extract and organic hemp oil. Our all natural and powerful formulations are exactly what discerning consumers are looking for. If you have CBD, marijuana or other related traffic, you owe it to yourself to join our program. Our products fill an untapped niche and will allow you to easily monetize your site without the hassles you may have encountered before.

What Affiliate Niches Integrate Best With CBDDY
Based on Analytical Data Obtained from ppm ads for CBDDY we convert best for traffic searching for:
Wholesale CBD
Hemp Rolling Papers
Cannabis Oil

Any traffic you have in that field the conversion rate is upwards of 23% compared to an avg. 7% industry wide.

Why Partner With CBDDY?

Regardless of the type of traffic you have, we can help you monetize it. When you chose to partner with CBDDY, you get:

  • Experience: We are affiliate marketers, that’s how we discovered CBD as a profitable business. Affiliates know what affiliates want! More money, to refer a product people want and a website that has high conversion rates and fast load times.
  • Payouts: CBDDY has one of the leading commission structures. We offer our affiliates 20% of all first time orders referred to our website. Payments are made to affiliates once per month. Affiliate payments are made on the 4th of each month for the commissions earned during that period the month prior.
  • Conversion Testing: We pay top performing conversion analyst to analyze our creatives and the public response to each until we reach a level of response we are looking for.

Your Next Steps

Sign up today and start making a 20% commission right away. All you need is either a new or existing website to start bringing in healthy commissions through CBDDY’s affiliate program.

We guarantee all of our products. If your customer is unhappy with their product, we offer a 100% money back guarantee! With CBDDY’s high customer satisfaction rate, you’ll have no trouble converting visitors into customers at an impressive rate.

Get Started With These Simple Steps:

  1. Complete our one page affiliate application.
  2. Choose from our provided creative banners, links, etc.
  3. Set up the banners and affiliate links on your site.
  4. Start making money immediately.

Signing up is easy! Simply fill out our 5-minute form and adhere to our strict no-spam policy. Your affiliate application will be reviewed within 24 hours and we’ll email you everything you need to start making money! If you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you out.


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