A Clean CBD Shop is a More Profitable One

A Clean CBD Shop is a More Profitable One

A Clean CBD Shop is a More Profitable One


We spend a lot of time talking about how to stock the absolute best hemp products and train your staff to be as efficient and knowledgeable as possible when dealing with customers. But, even if you offer the best CBD products at the lowest prices, and have a superstar staff team, you won’t be making many sales if your shop is lacking in the cleanliness department.

Why Cleanliness Matters

Not all of us are clean people at heart. Maybe we don’t wipe down those surfaces as often as we should, or we allow dust to collect for quite some time before we notice. Perhaps, we have a habit of piling up papers in a totally disorganized fashion or accumulating boxes and boxes that get in the way of our ability to move freely. Regardless, these habits should be addressed if you are going to run a functional and attractive business.

Humans are visual creatures, plain and simple. We make our first impression based on appearances, and it’s hard to change that impression once it’s fully formed in our minds. What this means is that if you have a messy or dirty shop, you’re likely going to lose customers before you even make a sale. A clean and unkempt store sends the message that you do not care about your business, and to be frank, customers will feel wary when they should feel comfortable and at home in your store.

We know from studies that people simply don’t want to stay too long in a place that’s messy or dirty. It causes stress, sending signals to the brain that they are in an environment that’s hazardous and unsanitary. Also, it sends the message that you don’t care enough about your business to take care of it. After all, if you’re neglecting dusting those counters, what else are you neglecting – the expiration dates of the products?

How a Clean Shop Can Boost Profits

Now, you can understand why a clean CBD shop is a profitable one. It tells customers that you care about the details, whether they be the state of your floors or the products that you carry. People are also more likely to hang around in a clean, neat, and orderly shop than one overwhelming to the senses, which means that they’ll spend more time checking out products that they may want to purchase.

Two Types of Cleanliness

It’s important to pay attention to all aspects of cleanliness, which revolve around keeping away clutter, making sure your items are organized and, of course, keeping things free of dirt, debris and any form of contamination. Let’s elaborate by breaking this down into two sections.

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Section #1: Organization

Organization is the first priority a business owner should have. A shop needs to be organized in a manner that is neat and easy on the eyes. Products should be grouped together, and your space should never be cluttered or difficult to navigate. Too much clutter or confusion will stress out customers and keep them away.

Essentially, there should be a designated spot for all of your products so that a customer can easily find what they are looking for. Packing equipment, boxes, excess inventory, paperwork, and garbage should never be in the customer’s view.

Section #2: Sanitation

Sanitation is the other factor that matters tremendously. Dirt and dust should always be cleaned, and your surfaces should be sparkling. Always stay on top of those nooks and crannies where cobwebs develop, especially where your products are. A customer does not want to see debris around the actual products, or they will be completely turned off.

You should also sanitize anything that gets touched frequently on a regular basis to avoid contamination, which can occur more easily than many think. Ask yourself how many customers touch your counter each day. That’s a lot of germs passing through one area of your store.

How to Ensure That Your Shop is Always Clean

It’s not that hard to maintain an effective cleaning routine if you’re simply willing to stick to it. It can be done during the slower hours of your business or when you are not technically open, either before or after the lights are on. 

  • If you run the shop alone, simply make a weekly calendar, with different tasks on specific days. 
  • If you have a staff, assign them different tasks to complete during their shift.

Another option is to simply hire a cleaning service that comes in weekly or twice a week. This will cost more, but you can count on the space being perfectly clean without any effort on your part.

Take the Time to Tidy Up Your Shop Daily

As owners of CBD businesses and shops, there is never a good excuse for having a dirty, poorly maintained, and disorganized shop. If you want your business to remain profitable, regular cleaning is not only recommended, but required. Luckily, it’s not hard to create an efficient cleaning routine around the week, or simply hire someone to do the work for you. It’s worth it, as it will keep your customers coming back.


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