Accepting 1 SEO Client 1 Only $20,000

As many of you know, I discovered the niche of CBD while doing an seo project. It has driven CBDDY and allowed me to build a world renown brand with no budget at all. I got a quote from the person I followed and learned seo from, and it was $15,000/mo to rank a site as well as mine is and would take 6mo to get you there. So $90,000. I’m offering this to 1 person for $20,000 and you’ll get a full roi in under 180 days. If you wish to continue using my services at that time cool, if you think you got it from there cool. I’m going to guarantee a full roi & work on it for 6mo. That will save you $70k and the site is living proof I know what I’m doing. I’ll only do it for one though and no payment arrangements will be accepted. 100% payment due up front. I will also provide you the knowledge that i do know to help you prevent a portion of the online fraud, I can’t help with 100% but at least 40% I can.

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