Broaden Your Shop’s Horizon by Carrying CBD Pet Products

cbd for pets

Broaden Your Shop’s Horizon by Carrying CBD Pet Products


As the hemp industry continues to expand, there is a new submarket quickly rising in popularity, which is CBD products made specially for pets. What may, on the surface, sound like a gimmick is, in fact, an extremely lucrative business opportunity that is supported by various studies showing that our furry companions can benefit from cannabinoids just like we can.

Why CBD for Pets?

We know how CBD and other cannabinoids work when we take them – they are fed to the body’s endocannabinoid system, which sends them to cannabinoid receptors throughout the body to regulate the functions of specific bodily processes. Well, as it turns out, all mammals share this unique bodily system, which means they can experience the same types of effects when taking (internal or external) cannabidiol and other hemp compounds. 

Therefore, giving CBD to pets may not be such a strange thing to do after all. Their bodies, like ours, are capable of producing cannabinoids, which means that hemp-derived cannabinoids are simply supplying them with what they need to maintain the endocannabinoid system. And, like it is for us, cannabidiol is nontoxic to cats and dogs, which makes it a gentle option for daily administration if a pet needs a little boost.

CBD Products Made Specifically for Pets

It’s important to note that CBD products given to pets must be specifically made for them. In other words, you should never give a CBD oil that you take to your cat or dog. Luckily, the market offers a huge array of pet-friendly hemp products that come in all different forms.

There are two key differences between CBD products intended for humans and those intended for pets. 

  1. Pet products contain ingredients that are safe for our furry friends. A lot of ingredients found in hemp products for humans, like certain botanicals and essential oils, are completely safe for us, but harmful to cats and dogs.
  2. We know that the ideal milligram strength for us is largely based on our body weight. Well, our pets have different body weight ranges than we do, and so companies that make hemp pet products must choose milligram strengths that work for their unique weights.

The Variety Available

Now, we will cover the variety of hemp products for pets that are available on the market, as it’s important as a business owner to offer a variety. A customer may be upset if, say, you only have products that are for large dogs, or products that are easy to administer to kittens but not adult cats.

#1: Delivery Methods

Hemp pet products come in three main delivery methods: topicals, tinctures and treats (edibles). They perform just like they do in our bodies in terms of the onset time, potency of the peak and length of time during which the compounds can be felt in action. 

CBD topicals for pets include sprays and balms and are all gentle on their skin and made with safe ingredients in case they try to lick some of the formula off. They are applied to the affected area directly, making them great for specific pain areas as well as skin-related issues like rashes and bug bites.

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CBD tinctures can be administered under the tongue, or if that is too difficult, added to food. CBD treats are easy to administer as they are flavored to appeal to pets’ senses.

#2: Strengths

The strength can vary, again based on the weight of the pet. Offering a variety of milligram strengths is a good way to ensure that every pet owner can find a product ideal for their cat or dog.

#3: Formulations

Different formulations exist in terms of flavor and other ingredients. This is good for pets who have specific sensitivities or are particular about flavor, so choose a variety of formulas to satisfy as many furry customers as possible.

Knowledge Can Make a Difference 

If you’re going to begin selling cannabidiol-infused products for pets, it’s important to be educated on this specific topic, because you can expect that pet owners will be asking you a lot of questions. Researching how to dose CBD to pets, how often they can take it, what it can help with and so on is crucial.  It’s always important as well to advise customers to talk to their veterinarian about specific questions, as hemp shop owners are not authorized to provide medical advice.

Why Carrying CBD Pet Products Can Boost Your Business

So, how can CBD pet products take your business to the next level? Well, in a few ways. 

  • Brings more customers into your business.
  • There are people who may not want to take CBD for themselves but have heard from their veterinarian that it could help with a particular problem their pet is dealing with. 
  • By offering this category of products, hemp enthusiasts who already come into your shop will be tempted to try out a cannabidiol product for their pet.

CBD Pet Products Can Certainly Elevate Your Business

Both by bringing in new pet-loving customers and giving existing customers new products to try. Make sure that you carry a good variety of formulas and strengths so that every cat and dog can try something that works with their needs and preferences. 

As always, only choose the highest-quality products possible from trusted manufacturers to carry in your shop such as CBDDY.



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