Can full spectrum CBD show up on your drug test?


As CBD is becoming more and more widespread in the cities, people are beginning to explore different applications for the product. While some are still skeptical about the promised benefits of CBD, others are using it to bolster productivity at work. So if you are looking to bring CBD to the office, you won’t be the first one. Nevertheless, there are still a few grey areas to clarify when it comes to the appropriateness of CBD in the work environment, especially concerning workplace drug tests. As all variants of CBD are derived from the infamous hemp plant, it is likely to show up on your drug test. This is not necessarily true. 

 While a urine test can pick up traces of CBD in your system, the fault isn’t always with the CBD. To tell you the truth, not all CBD products you see in the market are pure, some are substandard or contaminated. Therefore, you may have different experiences with different products. Some may even deposit THC in your system which may linger longer than necessary. This compound, THC, is the main psychoactive ingredient in hemp. Though its effects are latent in Full spectrum CBD, it can compromise the results of your drug test. Moreover, when law enforcement officers look for evidence of marijuana consumption in your urine, what they are looking for is THC. As most, if not all, Full spectrum CBD oil contains THC (in small amounts), whether full-spectrum CBD will show on your test result will depend on the level of THC present.


Here are a few reasons why full-spectrum CBD may show up on your drug test.

All things considered, the main reason why your drug test will prove positive due to full-spectrum CBD is THC. But to help you understand, let’s do a quick recap of full-spectrum CBD; what it is, how it works, and more importantly, why it is touted as the best variant of CBD. Here we go.

What is full-spectrum CBD

Without getting into the mumbo-jumbo of cannabis, full-spectrum CBD is a unique type of CBD that contains all the naturally occurring cannabinoids of the cannabis plant. The best Full-spectrum CBD products are endowed with high levels of CBD and trace amounts of other helpful cannabinoids present in the chemical structure of hemp. On top of that, they are very low in THC. 

In most full-spectrum CBD oils, the THC content is 0.3%, and in premium variants, the THC value reduces exponentially. Though not as rampant as full-spectrum CBD oils with, there are other premium CBD oils with even lower concentrations of  THC (less than 0.06%). With these premium full-spectrum CBD oils, it will be near impossible to get high on CBD. Why? Because the THC concentration is low. 

Full-spectrum CBD, especially the premium kinds, are sought after by proponents of CBD because it offers the “entourage effect”. Don’t know what entourage effect means? Don’t worry. 

Simply put, the entourage effect is the combined effect of CBD and the naturally occurring cannabinoids of hemp. Unlike CBD isolates and other variants of CBD, full-spectrum CBD allows you to feel the true mending potential of CBD and other natural cannabinoids without exposing you to the intoxicative power of THC. So if you are asking why full-spectrum CBD registers as the most sought after variant of the ever-popular CBD, it is because it offers all these amazing benefits with little or no side effect. It is worth mentioning, however, that Full spectrum CBD oils are not the same, and depending on the one you choose you may end up with a positive result on your drug test. That is why you must check the product you are buying to be sure of its THC content. 

Now, back to our previous discussion; reasons why your drug test may prove positive after consuming full-spectrum CBD.

High concentrations of THC

As a non-psychoactive ingredient of hemp, it near impossible to detect CBD in a drug test. THC, on the other hand, is not so noble. if you consume enough of it, you’ll most likely end up with a positive result on your drug test. But while it isn’t uncommon to test positive for drugs due to CBD infused products, you won’t get that result with premium quality products. Most premium CBD products come with THC concentrations equal to or lower than 0.3%. In this way, the effect of THC, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, is latent ( undetectable). 

With the reduced concentration of THC, users can benefit from full-spectrum CBD without getting intoxicated. Though rare, some full-spectrum CBD oils come with high concentrations of THC. Thus getting you high when they hit your organs. By consuming these types of products, you’ll be setting yourself up for a positive result on your drug test. Nevertheless, you can avoid these sorts of scenarios by purchasing third-party tested products.

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How to prevent Full-spectrum CBD from showing up on your drug test.

1. Buy Third-party certified products

The only reason full spectrum CBD will show up on your drug test, is because of THC.  The poor regularization of hemp products has made it difficult to determine what is inside the full-spectrum CBD you are buying until it is too late. However, if you make it a point to ask for the certificate of analysis before making a purchase, you can avoid full spectrum CBD showing up on your drug test. Certificate of analysis, CoA, is given by third-party laboratories, and it is exclusive to a single batch of the product. With this certificate, you can be sure that the concentration levels of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids in the product have not been doctored by the manufacturer. Also, you can be sure that when you take the oil it won’t show up on your drug test.

2. Abuse

Abuse is another reason why your drug test may prove positive after consuming full-spectrum CBD oil. As a fat-soluble cannabinoid, CBD tends to linger in your systems for days, and, in some cases, weeks. Thus, you stand a higher risk of testing positive to drugs when you use full-spectrum CBD more than necessary. Even with the lowest concentrations of THC, abusing CBD will set you up for poor results. As you continue to take more and more of the product, THC will be deposited in your system, and with time, the latent THC will become detectable by drug tests.

3. CBD grain

The concentration of CBD grain in full-spectrum CBD can also influence the result of your drug test. CBD is known to neutralize the intoxicative effect of THC. Thus having high concentrations of CBD grains in your product may help reduce the chances of THC showing up in your drug test. As CBD is undetectable by a drug test, you won’t get into trouble consuming high grain full-spectrum CBD.

Other reasons include;

4. The extraction method of the CBD

5. Level of contamination


With the right product, the chances of full-spectrum CBD showing up in your drug test is almost nonexistent. However, if your product contains high amounts of THC, you may have a hard time avoiding a positive result on your drug test. So before you make a purchase, make sure the product is third-party tested and free of contaminants.

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