Can you get high from smoking CBD flower?

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As CBD flower strains are becoming more and more rampant in the market, people are starting to ask questions about its promised benefits and side effects. While CBD flowers are one of the safest products derived from the ever-popular hemp, there are still a few drawbacks. One, if not the main argument when it comes to the appropriateness of CBD hemp flowers for managing sickness and diseases, is whether or not the products make you feel euphoric when consumed.

Well, as you already know, CBD flowers come in ranges. Thus, the experience you get consuming one may differ slightly from the other. Besides, CBD flower strains are produced by different people and marketed by different vendors. With that said, the answer to the question of whether smoking CBD flowers will get you high depends on an array of factors. These factors include the THC content of the strain, terpenes, quantity consumed, body mass index, and other cannabinoids present. Before the end of this article, you’ll learn how each of the aforementioned factors contributes to the feeling of high people get from smoking CBD flowers strain for ache and pain relief.

CBD flower

Why you may get high smoking CBD flower strains.

1. THC concentration

When it comes to the euphoric effect of Hemp, CBD, and other hemp-derived products, THC is to blame. This ingredient is notorious for its intoxicative abilities, and it is present in most CBD flower strains. If you smoke any of the top CBD-rich hemp flower trains in the market, and you feel euphoric or high, you should hold THC responsible. Believe it or not, that hemp and CBD flower strains are not legalized in many states across the globe, is because of the notoriety of THC. Hence, why the federal government has specified a limit for the concentration of THC in hemp-derived products. According to the federal government, hemp-derived products classified by the farm bill law of 2018 as agricultural commodities must contain not more than 0.3% THC. Can you get high consuming CBD flowers with this THC concentration level? Potentially, yes.

THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid, and its presence in the chemical network of CBD flowers can foster the feeling of high. However, the high effect you get consuming products with THC will depend on its concentration in the product. In premium CBD flower strains that are available in the market today, THC concentration is reduced to an almost undetectable level. While you may find THC  at 0.05% concentration in some products, other manufacturers go a step further to keep the THC level at the 0.02% mark. At this concentration level, it will be almost impossible to get high on CBD-rich hemp flowers. However, if the concentration level of THC is high, you’ll feel intoxicated when you smoke or eat a smokable hemp flower. With that said, we recommend that you choose the appropriate concentration levels of THC for your product when making a purchase. If you desire a product that will reduce you to a couch potato, then, by all means, go for Hemp flowers with high THC concentration levels. But if you desire a product that you can use for your daily pain and aches without spiraling into long hours of inertia, choose products with THC levels lower than 0.3%. Hemp flower strains with 0.02 – 0.05% THC are the ideal products if you don’t want to get high smoking hemp flowers.

2. Terpenes

In recent times, we have seen people associate terpenes with the euphoric sensation they get from consuming smokeable CBD hemp flowers. But while terpenes contribute to the smell and taste of the CBD flower strains, they can’t get you high on their own. Though it isn’t uncommon to feel dizzy or sleepy when you breathe in concentrated forms of terpenes continuously, this feeling does not qualify as a euphoric effect. Thus, regardless of the type of terpenes that is present in your CBD flower strain, you will not get high consuming it. If you get high consuming a flower strain with distinct terpenes or flavor profile, it’s the THC at work. Terpenes are aromatic ingredients embedded in the chemical network of the hemp plant. Owning to their delectable smell and taste, they can make the flower strain more palatable to the consumer. Different flower strains have different flavor profiles or terpenes. Depending on the one you choose, you can delight your taste buds with terpenes ranging from, lemon, citrus, earthy, piney, and pineapple aromas.

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3. Quantity consumed

We have said earlier that you can reduce your chances of getting high on smokable hemp flower strains by opting for products with lower concentrations of THC. True. But you must know also, that THC can accumulate in your system over time, causing you to feel euphoric. But regardless of the concentration of THC present in a CBD flower strain, you’ll get high when you consume enough of it. This is why we recommend that users keep their CBD flower consumption to an appropriate number of doses per day. For instance, people who are intoxicated by a dose of smokeable hemp flower containing 0.3% THC, may get the same high effect when they consume two doses of Hemp flower strain containing 0.15% THC. However, if there is a precise interval between the first dose and the second, the user can reduce the chances of getting high on low THC flower strains.

The lesson to be learned here is that you shouldn’t consume CBD hemp flowers more than you need to. Because over time, your body will build a resistance to the CBD and you’ll need more and more hemp flowers to feel the same effect.

4. Frequency of use

How often you use CBD hemp flower strains can also contribute to you getting or not getting high from the product. If you are new to CBD-rich hemp flowers or you are an occasional user, you may find yourself getting high with the smallest dose of CBD flowers. This is because of the THC content of the product. Since you are new to THC, your body has not fully adapted to its euphoric effects. As a result, you’ll get high faster than users who have a cordial relationship with hemp. Depending on the THC content of the product you are experimenting with, the feeling of euphoria will be obvious or mild. Thus, we recommend that people who are testing the waters of CBD hemp flowers for the first time, restrict usage to the lower concentration levels of THC.

5. The ratio of CBD and Other cannabinoids present

CBD has been known to negate the psychoactive effects of THC in the body, by binding with CB1 receptors or serotonin 5-HT1A receptors. Without getting into the technical mumbo-jumbo of this discovery, it means that CBD can reduce the high effect people get from smoking CBD hemp flower. But for this to work, you must take the right dose of CBD at the right time. Also, the product must contain an appropriate ratio of other THC-negating cannabinoids.


If you are asking whether you’ll get high from smoking CBD flowers, the answer is yes. However, how high you get from smoking CBD flowers will depend on the quantity consumed, THC concentration, cannabinoid ratio, and the amount of CBD present.

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