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Why Should Your Shop Carry CBN and CBG Distillate

cbd distillate syringe

Why Should Your Shop Carry CBN and CBG Distillate? Any business owner who specializes in hemp-derived goods knows how important it is to stay on top of emerging trends throughout the industry, as these do present themselves as massive opportunities. One trend that we are seeing grow at a rapid pace is that of cannabinoid […]

What are the Benefits of Buying Locally at Our CBD Store?

cbddy cbd store greeley

As the CBD industry has grown over the last several years, it’s become simpler to find high-quality hemp goods in all kinds of forms, concentration levels, formulas and more. The online CBD market is booming like never before, offering a huge selection of products that are great for incorporating into one’s daily routine. But, so […]

How Should a New CBD Store Train Their Employees About CBD?

How should a new cbd store train their employees about cbd

Opening a CBD shop is a great decision, as an influx of people are looking for a local means to acquire high-quality hemp goods to take for daily use. There are numerous benefits to owning a store that sells hemp to the community, and it’s clear that CBD isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Of […]

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Greeley Colorado

Are you looking for  Where to Buy CBD Oil in Greeley Colorado? We understand how hard times are during the COVID-19 pandemic. Funds are tight for everyone. As part of our CBDDY stimulus package, we are offering lab tested CBD Oil Buy One Get One Free at our Greeley CBD Store. Simply visit us and […]

K-9 CBDDY CBD Oil Back In Stock both online and In Store in Greeley Colorado

We’re happy to announce we have our highly sought after k-9 cbd tincture back in stock! Just like everything in store at our Greeley CBD Dispensary, It’s buy one get one free all week 8/1-8/8.