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Can you get high from smoking CBD flower?

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As CBD flower strains are becoming more and more rampant in the market, people are starting to ask questions about its promised benefits and side effects. While CBD flowers are one of the safest products derived from the ever-popular hemp, there are still a few drawbacks. One, if not the main argument when it comes […]

Can you fail a drug test due to CBD flowers?

CBD flowers

Want to take a drug test but don’t know if your smoking habits will get you into trouble? Don’t stress, today we’ll teach you all you need to know about CBD flowers and the role they play in the drug test results. CBD, also known as cannabidiol is an active ingredient of medical hemp. It […]

How to Use CBD Hemp Flower

How to Use CBD Hemp Buds 1

How To Use Hemp Buds   Hemp buds which are also known as CBD buds, flowers and other kinds of CBD strains of cannabis are a great way to get into the whole medicinal CBD or cannabis movement for quite a lot of reasons. A lot of people consider CBD to be just like THC […]