CBD Being Looked at for Potentially Treating Canine Influenza

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CBD Being Looked at for Potentially Treating Canine Influenza


Nobody likes getting the flu, and it seems that many of us get it from time to time no matter how well we take care of our bodies.  The flu can be a dangerous virus if it’s left untreated or if a person has an underlying condition that compromises their immune system.  

While many of us go to great lengths to avoid catching the flu each year, we are ignorant to the fact that there’s a type of flu that can affect our furry companions.  Canine influenza is much like the flu that humans get, and it can be just as dangerous if a dog is of senior age or has a compromised immune system.  Needless to say, prevention is key, and proper treatment is crucial if a dog does catch this virus.

Now, studies are finding that cannabidiol (CBD), the hemp-based compound that has taken over the natural health and wellness world, might be able to help your furry friend manage canine influenza symptoms.  It may even help prevent the virus from affecting your dog at all.  

Before we get into the ways in which CBD may be able to help protect your dog from this potentially dangerous virus, we are going to briefly explain what canine influenza is and how to tell whether or not your dog is suffering from the virus. 

The Basics on Canine Influenza and How Dogs Catch It

Canine influenza refers to two influenza strains that affect dogs, and those strains are H3N8 and H3N2.  It’s important to point out that these strains cannot be transferred between dogs and humans.  Both of these strains are airborne, which means that a dog can catch it by simply being in the same vicinity as a dog who has the virus.  It can be passed from one dog to another via saliva or even breath.

Basically, the more frequently your dog is in the presence of other dogs, the more likely it is that he or she will contract the virus.  This is because canine influenza can be passed to a dog even if the dog only comes into contact with a bed or toy that was used by an affected dog.  This is why you may wish to isolate your dog during flu season.

Canine influenza symptoms are very similar to human influenza symptoms.  The most common symptoms are respiratory congestion, lethargy, a lack of appetite, and fever.  You may first notice that your dog is sneezing, has watery eyes, is playing less, and is wheezing.

Is it Safe to Even Give Your Dog CBD?

Before we explain how CBD may help your dog manage their influenza symptoms, it’s important to point out that many people successfully give their dogs cannabidiol daily.  CBD can affect dogs in the same way it affects humans because both dogs and people share an endocannabinoid system (ECS) .  This system responds directly to cannabinoids and uses them to regulate various bodily systems.  

CBD is a cannabinoid, and every system in the body has cannabinoid receptors.  When CBD is consumed, the ECS sends these cannabinoids to areas of the body that need some help, so to speak, and stores the excess for later use.

How Could CBD Help Manage Canine Influenza Symptoms?

The endocannabinoid system in both dogs and humans regulates the immune system among other crucial bodily systems.  The immune system is responsible for defending us against viruses such as influenza, which is why taking cannabidiol regularly might be able to cut down the chances of contracting the flu.  

Study #1: Found that cannabidiol could reduce the risk of contracting viral infections while reducing the time during which we have a viral infection.

Study #2: Additionally, cannabidiol can help manage symptoms associated with canine influenza, including pain, lethargy, poor appetite, and low mood.  The unique chemical properties in CBD have been found to have the potential to treat a wide range of symptoms associated with influenza.

Administering Your Dog CBD for Canine Influenza

Now that you know what canine influenza is and how CBD may be able to help fight the virus, let’s start talking about how to apply this knowledge when flu season arrives.  We strongly recommend using CBD as a preventative so that you can be less worried about your dog contracting it in the first place.

#1: Speak with Your Veterinarian

More veterinarians are gaining experience with giving dogs CBD.  So, your vet may be able to help guide you through the process.  Still, they need to know your pet’s medical history, unless they already have it, and from there can make a determination if CBD should be used for this condition

#2: Seek Out a High-Quality CBD Product that’s Specially Formulated for Dogs  

Pet-oriented CBD-based products have the right concentration of cannabidiol for your dog’s unique body.  In fact, any good CBD company will offer a variety of concentrations that are based on the weight range of your particular dog.

#3: Give CBD to Your Dog Daily Once Flu Season Arrives

You may have to try out a few different products before figuring out which one your dog likes best, assuming that your pup is particular.  Today, you can find CBD tinctures, treats, and more.

#4: Dosing

If your dog does happen to catch the virus, we suggest increasing the daily dosage.  Cannabidiol is nontoxic, which means that you don’t really have to worry about overdosing.  However, we do suggest monitoring your dog whenever you give them CBD to make sure that they\ are not experiencing any unwanted side effects such as excessive drowsiness.

CBD’s Potential to Treat Canine Influenza Looks Promising

Canine influenza can make any dog owner panic, but the truth is that it may be very treatable, and even preventable.  Thanks to CBD, we have even more hope that we can protect our pups against this potentially vicious illness.  If you’re interested in giving your dog CBD to help them during canine flu season, use the guide above to make sure that you’re using the compound properly for the best effects possible.


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