CBDDY offers steep discounts on bulk wholesale CBD purchases. We have full time trained wholesale cbd product specialists on staff. This allows for industry leading response times, typically within 2 hours if submitted during normal business hours. Inquiries submitted during non business hours will be responded to within 24 hours. Find out why so many entrust their bulk cbd wholesale needs to CBDDY.

List of CBD Products Bulk Wholesale


When choosing a cbd company to private label your brand, ask yourself, will they also assist us with distribution of our brand?

Only at CBDDY, can you get a top shelf cbd product and get exclusive access to multiple distribution options to immediately expand your brands recognition. Opportunities such as

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1. Multi state vending placement
2. Inclusion into cbd subscription boxes
3. Peace of mind that a company that truly cares about the quality of cbd available to the public & stands behind your brand & contributes to the success of it !

Ask us how you can have your entire brand created, manufactured, and distributed by 1 company!