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[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”How can I place an order for multiple kilo’s of CBD Isolate?” answer-0=”Contact chris@cbddy.com to speed up your request please include the following information. Qty needed on initial order not expected quantity. 2. If I came back at what price on this qty, would you buy today? If there’s not an answer to this question, we should not be talking yet. If you are researching, visit our blog, and our website content contains the answer to almost every question you could have prior to placing an initial order, so I don’t prioritize explaining things I’ve already invested time into creating content for. (expected order volume doesn’t warrant additional discounts, however if it drags out long will add to the cost) Stick to the facts. Best customers submit the price they will pay that day for that qty. those deals close in about 30 mins which is about all the time I am able to give bulk orders. I can match any price you can find on real cbd. If I find one I can’t match, I’ll remove this statement. I’m connected directly with the largest most competitive priced companies in the industry, short of just trying to prove a point and take a huge loss to try to get this changed, in 2 years I’ve never found a CBD Isolate deal I could not match on price or quality. CBDDY has reached a level of industry recognition that we have labs and farms attempting to compete for our business daily. Our same supplier of 2 years, has never not matched any real price i’ve offered, so I am extremely confident in this statement. ” image-0=”3969″ count=”1″ html=”true” css_class=””].