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CBD has come to be very popular in both mainstream and in local households for a lot of reasons and these include the added benefits attached to this compound. Although CBD doesn’t get you high or stoned as it isn’t psychoactive, it sometimes comes with little doses of THC. Now how would you feel when you realize you can achieve all the therapeutic benefits of your CBD and also without having any THC present but just your CBD. Although this isn’t as known as other forms of CBD products such as infused face moisturizers or CBD lattes and do much more. However, CBD isolate is one of the most versatile forms of taking CBD in the market.

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There are testimonies and researches being carried a lot on CBD to test how far it can go and what more it can do. So far, it has been used for the treatment of anxiety, depression, multiple sclerosis and even side effects of cancer treatments. Before trying any of these out, it is best to visit your doctor to let you know if you can proceed or not.

As we all know, CBD doesn’t make a person high as it is just one of the compounds that can be found in a cannabis plant. However, THC is another compound that can be found as well in the cannabis plant and this is responsible for the mind-altering state you feel when you take marijuana. Just because CBD doesn’t get you high, it isn’t completely free of THC.

The federal law has started in the 2014 farm bill that there can be at least 0.3% of THC present in hemp products or less. Now there are people who feel the fear and reluctance of taking CBD due to this reason but they don’t have to be as CBD isolates are just what you need.

CBD isolates is a fall back for individuals who want to get all the therapeutic benefits of CBD without the fear of THC being present.

What Exactly Is It?

CBD isolate is a form of crystalline powder or can be in solid form which comes with a total percentage of 99% pure CBD. The traditional extraction if CBD isolates tend to remove all the other active compounds present in the cannabis sativa plant, it is then refined which is carried out to carry remove all the phytocannabinoids and yes, THC is also among as well as any other plant matter and you have your CBD in its purest form.

The process by which this is carried out determines if it would result in fine white powder or it would be in the form of CBD crystals. CBD isolates do not contain any form of distinct taste or odor. Although it might seem like just a plain substance and not as exciting as other forms of CBD, it comes with its own packed benefits.

What are the benefits of CBD Isolates

Other forms of CBD such as tinctures, oils, lotions, and others might seem more appealing than CBD isolates but they have a wide range of versatility as well in regards to consumption and some of their benefits include; Easier To Intake  CBD isolates are one of the easiest modes of intake as it is very easy to know the measurement in doses thanks to the pure crystals you can easily count. Other forms of CBD products tend to be a lot harder to dose and almost impossible to quantify the amount you consume daily.  No THC That’s right!. If you don’t like THC in whatever you take and still want the added benefits of CBD, isolates are here for your consumption so you have no reason to worry. This also means it can’t be detected through the use of a drug test. If you are plagued with random drug test, CBD Isolates can help you steer clear.

If you decide to use thc CBD Products, you can use other methods of passing drug tests, find out more about this here

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Just as mentioned, CBD isolates can be taken in various methods. It can be mixed with your food or drinks which makes it all the more fun or you can just take it sublingually. Isolates are great when you want to experiment CBD in various things and it is completely healthy too.

How do you use cbd isolates

You might wonder how to take in CBD isolates in it’s odorless, tasteless and powdery form and some of these methods include;

  • Various Consumption Methods 
  • Topicals or Custom CBD Oil

You can use create your very own CBD oil with CBD isolates with your very own DIY. You can do this by moving it with a carrier oil like the olive oil which is a great oil. With this, you can enjoy the take your CBD like every other conventional way but with more control over the doses you take. In order to make your CBD topical, all you need is to take your CBD isolate and mix with your skin oils and gently apply it to your skin.

  • Sublingually

This is another method of using CBD isolates is taking it just directly under your tongue and leave it there for about a minute. Using this method, you can absorb more into your mucous membranes, letting them get into your bloodstream fast enough and enabling the instant yet effective relief you need.

  • Vaping or Dabbing 

You can always mix your isolates with terpenes in order to create your very own CBD concentrate in your home. This gives you the option of vaping or dabbing. You can make use of these isolates go to create crystal slabs to your own taste. Now, much more fun could it get?


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Ingestion is a very common way to go about your CBD intake regardless of the method you take in. Taking CBD orally can give you a lot of added benefits even if it take a while to work. All you need to do is measure out your cbd crystalline and put it into pills or capsules in order to get an even and straight forward dose. There is the option of mixing it with foods and drinks, therefore giving you something to look forward to. Nevertheless, it is best to know that CBD isn’t greatly absorbed into your digestive tract in this manner due to its low bioavailability orally. Bioavailability refers to the amount of substance taken and used by your body.

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