CBD Vape Cartridges

cbd vape carts


One of the natural therapies that have become so popular in almost every part of the world now is CBD. It has been and is being used by millions of people in the world today. Some people make use of CBD by applying it to their body, some orally ingest CBD-based products, and while a majority of people prefer to vape. In this article, we are going to cover some important topics about CBD vape, CBD vape cartridges, and why our product might be ideal for you.

cbd vape carts

First, we are going to break down the meaning of CBD, how it is derived, and then, we will talk about the ingredients in our vape product and things we avoided while manufacturing before we head on to our topic of the day.

What is CBD Oil and how is it derived?

Cannabidiol, which is popularly known as CBD, is one of the numerous cannabinoids or compounds that are present in the cannabis plant. The main reason why CBD has gained ground in the world is because of its potentials. CBD cannot be compared to THC because you can never get high after consuming CBD and this is one of the factors that have led to its increase in popularity.

Cannabidiol has been legalized in the whole states in the US as it is considered to be a natural compound from the hemp plant. Folks can now get it anywhere in the country without any need for a medical marijuana card.

There are several ways to consume CBD, and Vape oil is just one of them. It all depends on what an individual prefers. But, even if you are not interested in Vaping CBD Oil, you can still consume it by:

  • Taking it as a tincture (placing some drops of the oil beneath your tongue)
  • Ingesting it via capsules
  • Applying it to your skin as a lotion
  • Eat it as a gummy

Well, in this article, we are going to focus on CBD vape oil and cartridges.

Making CBD oil is not so hard, although it passes through some processes. All that is just required is to extract the cannabidiol (CBD) and then dilute it with oil. Something like coconut oil can be used for this purpose. 

Now, let us talk about CBD vape cartridges and what makes them unique.

CBD vape cartridges

Most CBD users today have kept looking for a more convenient method of taking cannabidiol, but many of them have not yet come up with one. One of the reasons why people get confused as to how to take CBD is that there are several methods of doing so, but many of these methods have not yet been tested, neither have they been proven. 

If you are among the people that are looking for a convenient way to consume CBD oil, then there is good news for you. The introduction of vape pens is the answer. When you talk to people about vape pens, the first question you will hear is “Can CBD oil be vaped?” Well, we can say that there is already an answer to this question. By making use of the right vape pen, one can easily vape CBD oil. All that is required from you is to get the appropriate cartridge to put the oil.

In case you are wondering what cartridges are, they are special chambers that have been designed to hold your CBD oil and make it easy for you to vape. You can find CBD cartridges in different forms, shapes, and sizes depending on the vape pen you are using. They also come in a variety of flavors that you can choose from.

What determines a good CBD cartridge?

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When you go to the market, you will find many kinds of cartridges, but here are some of the factors that determine the best.

  • You can use it on varying wattages of batteries
  • It can work seamlessly with more than 500 thread vape pens
  • It comes with ceramic coils or cotton wick
  • You can automatically or manually activate it while you draw the device
  • Pre filled CBD Distillate
  • Pocket-friendly and sizeable

Let us now move to the reasons why you should go for our products.

Free of PG/VG

The US FDA has stated that it is safe to consume propylene glycol (PG) as an additive for food. But, how about when it is being consumed in CBD vape oil? According to some studies, there are some health risks of vaping PG. Evidence has shown that a heated PG turns into formaldehyde which can be dangerous to the lungs.

Vegetable glycerine (VG) also has some health dangers that are similar to propylene glycol (PG). For this reason, we have made sure that our CBD vape oil is free of PG/VG so that you can vape healthily. 

Free of Vitamin E

It has been discovered that people became ill and have lost their lives through vaping because of the people who manufacture without any traceability of ingredient, lab testing, state regulation. These people make use of Vitamin E acetate for their vape cartridges, and this has endangered the lives of people.

But, we view the lives of our customers as important, making us stay clear of Vitamin E in our products so that you can find pure enjoyment and relaxation while vaping.

All Natural Terpene Infused

Another good thing about our CBD vape oil is that no external additives were added, just natural terpenes were infused. The active ingredients in our CBD vape oil are CBD Distillate and Natural Terpenes. Read our article “what is cbd distillate” if you are unsure what cbd distillate is. 

CBD Distillate Syringe for refilling Vape Cartridge

You can buy cbd distillate syringes to refill your vape cartridge. Just keep in mind, you must dilute it below 60% to prevent crystallization.


Make your fun and safe by making use of the appropriate cartridges and getting CBD products that are free of PG/VG, Vitamin E, and are infused with natural terpenes just like ours. Get our CBD vape today, and vape like you have never. 


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