CBDDY Investment Opportunity

CBDDY Investment Opportunity

Short Summary


Chris Eoff
Chris Eoff Founder CEO CBDDYI’m Chris Eoff, CEO of Gee Distributors, LLC which owns and operates CBDDY CBD. I launched this company July 7, 2018. Originally launched in Arkansas, where our top selling product quickly became banned and I in a panic up and left my hometown of 32 years and hit the road to Colorado. By the time I got to Colorado I had around $18 to my name but I had a plan. I got here on a Friday with $18, hustled all weekend and came up with the $3500 to lease our office located in Denver, Colorado. While staying in a hotel for 2 months, obtained $45,000 in sales, got a house and continued building my network locally.

While still in Arkansas my plan was always to vertically integrate and to grow multiple smokable hemp flower harvests per year. The only issue with this is the seasons determine when cannabis plants begin to flower.

Research directed me toward Fully Automated Light Deprivation Greenhouses which soon led me to finding Los Sueno’s Cannabis Farm, in Pueblo Colorado. what would be my business model. I’m a firm believer of if it’s not broke, don’t fix it and why recreate the wheel.

My goal for two years has since been to recreate my own Los Sueno’s however last week I received a phone call from a hemp farmer asking if I was interested in meeting to see their product.

(not excited one bit, I schedule this meeting expecting to see something less than impressive from someone who’s probably never grown cannabis in their life as usual)

When I show up, and begin conversation with the two gentlemen, they released the information that they own Los Sueno’s as if it was no big deal and kinda as if expecting me to have never heard of them.

Further conversations led me to asking if they were interested in growing indoor hemp flower for us in a joint venture. To my surprise these guys are just as eager to grow and expand as I am.

Los Sueno’s had a big kick in the butt from Mother Nature this year, so funding is the only issue standing between utilizing 25,000 sq ft of their greenhouses as well as their staff to inevitably make my original plan of replicating a los suenos a better reality than ever dreamed of and have our products grown on the original Los Sueno’s.

With their resources and knowledge of growing, harvesting, and curing cannabis partnered with our extensive distribution networks, this is a sure fire win for all involved parties.

What We Need & What You Get

Capital for genetics and labor costs:

$125,000 Labor, Utilities, Genetics
Secure your supply contracts with real cannabis growers
Once we reach our goal we will begin this project
Our harvest will be ready to sell when everyone else is out of good quality smokable and selling biomass, don’t be that guy!
We are Pre-Selling our supply contracts for 2020, first harvest due spring 2020

The Impact

Are you tired of getting ripped off or paying ridiculous prices for smokable hemp flower?

$450/lb for Indoor Hemp Flower When You Support Us
Los Sueno’s technology for growing cannbis is unsurpassed
CBDDY’s Distribution Network Size is Solidified
Invest Now & Schedule a Tour Once Planted in Pueblo Colorado

​Risks & Challenges

While our crop being grown indoor bypasses the biggest risk to farming, mother nature we still are taking a risk. Some commonly known risks when growing cannbis/hemp are

Insects (plants will be grown by a 10+ year experienced Master Grower)
Mold (Los Suenos technology monitors humidity 24/7 365 automated)
Uncompliance (we have hplc equipment & a chemist to test crop multiple times throughout grow)
Describe your plan for solving these challenges
Market Change (We will do what we always do, adjust)
Other Ways You Can Help
Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help:

Share this with your friends or someone who you think may mutually benefit from this venture.
And that’s all there is to it.

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To privately Invest, Please contact us via email to schedule an appointment to discuss more options.


Chris Eoff

Founder & CEO of CBDDY™