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If that’s you, then right now you are in luck as we are in search of influencers from all social media platforms as well as youtube. We will send you free samples to review on social media and youtube. On top of the free samples, if you truly like our product you may sign up for the affiliate program and we will pay you for all of the sales that come from your reviews!

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Offering Premium Quality CBD Products Made From All Organic, Non GMO, Industrial Hemp Which is Legally Grown In Colorado.

CBDDY CBD Youtube Affiliates

Are you a youtube influencer or just have a youtube channel that is already filled with followers? If this is you, then CBDDY is looking to partner up with you and offer you free samples of our product for you to review on your youtube channel. We will also pay you a 20% commission for all of the sales that your reviews bring.

How much can Youtube influencers earn from CBDDY
CBD Affiliate program?
The average ticket at CBDDY.com is $97 and our affiliate program pays you 20% for all converting sales. So on average you can expect a $19.40 commission for each sale that comes from your reviews. We track clicks from your link for 90 days using cookies. This means even if they do not buy today, if they come back between the time of the click to our site and 90 days you will be paid for that sell. You can track your clicks via your Affiliate Dashboard. A youtube influencer that already has a following can easily see earnings of $2500-$5,000 per month from our program.

CBDDY Instagram Influencers

Are you an Instagram Influencer with a large following from people who would be interested in CBD Products? Better than that, The Best CBD Products. If that is you then we are definitely interested in building a relationship with you and getting some samples into your hands to review on your instagram feed. Just like the youtube affiliate program

we pay our instagram influencers 20% of each sell that comes from your reviews! You can opt to use some of your commission % to offer your followers a discount. One influencer offered a 5% discount code and it increased their conversions by 22%. Instagram is the only platform we suggest this for since you can’t post a direct code and it increases the likelihood of your followers using the code so you are sure to get credit for your sale. Another way a lot of instagram influencers do this is by creating their own landing page which includes their affiliate link on it. So you would take your follower from your instagram page to your landing page which would then link to us with your affiliate link.

CBDDY Twitter Influencers

Are you a Twitter Superstar? Want a new way to monetize your twitter feed? CBDDY has the answer for you! No matter who your followers are they are surely a good fit for our product. Our customer base ranges from 18yr old’s to 88yr old’s. We would love to talk to you and start paying you 20% for every sell attributed to you posting about our products.
Offering Premium Quality CBD Products Made From All Organic, Non GMO, Industrial Hemp Which is Legally Grown In Colorado.

CBDDY Email Marketing Affiliates

Do you have a larger than average mailing list? Great, CBDDY would love to help you add products to offer your subscribers that increases your conversion rate per email sent. We will pay you 20% for every sale that is generated from your affiliate links. Need something special to send out? Get in touch as we are all about customizing an offering for those who can successfully get our product in front of thousands of potential new customers.

Website Review Affiliates

Do you have a review website that already has a following and ranks well organically? Awesome, this is one of the best methods of advertising. We would love to talk with you about offering something unique to your readers. We will send you samples to review and we will pay you for each conversion that is created due to the review left. You will have access to all of our creatives to put on your site to entice your visitors to click which will then tie them to you for 90 days. Sign up today and get started!

Offering Premium Quality CBD Products Made From All Organic, Non GMO, Industrial Hemp Which is Legally Grown In Colorado.
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