Hemp Flower an Aphrodisiac: Strains for Female Arousal

Hemp Flower as aphrodisiac

Hemp Flower an Aphrodisiac: Strains for Female Arousal


Nothing takes the fun out of sex than a woman who is not aroused! As much as we don’t like to admit it, they are the drivers during the whole encounter.

According to research, 40% of women have suffered from female sexual arousal disorder. It is a condition that has destroyed many sexual experiences. 

FSAD comes as a result of stress, anxiety, pain and even discomfort during sex.

So how does the hemp flower help manage such a condition? Well, we will get to that. You will also get to know the different strains that you can use. 


We want to make sex more of a pleasant encounter than a dreadful experience for you



But first, let’s take a look at;



What is Hemp Flower?

Sour Space Candy

The hemp flower or CBD buds as commonly known. It comes from the female hemp plant (the female cannabis sativa L plant). Despite being in existence for a thousand years, it is not as common as its relative marijuana.

Rightly so, because it has been in use for industrial processes only, textile, clothing and even oil manufacturing to mention a few.

However, the difference between the two is quite clear. Marijuana contains the chemical tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in huge quantity. This chemical is responsible for the HIGH in weed. It also triggers the psychoactive behavior exhibited by users.

The hemp flower only contains THC in small doses that range from 0.3%- 0.6%, and Cannabidiol (CBD) in high amounts. Some even go as far  as 28%.


Cannabidiol is the magic component which integrates with our bodies. This prompts the effects of the hemp flower.



How does it do this? Let me explain;


Our bodies contain an endocannabinoid system. It handles coordination, movement, mood, appetite and emotions. 

So, once the Cannabidiol enters your system it integrates with it. It triggers the body to use its own cannabinoids.

In the process it also boosts your body’s ability to produce its own cannabinoids. Such an effect is quite different to THC in marijuana. THC attaches itself to the endocannabinoid system, leaving you helplessly high.

One of the major benefits of cannabinol is it reduces the body’s anxiety, stress and helps in pain management even during sex. All which are important to treating FSAD. It also plays a vital role in treating seizures and reducing insomnia

Its medicinal potential is very promising. Doctors and researchers are now researching if it can be a treatment for cancer patients.

With that in mind, let us find out the;



Top 10 CBD Strains that are you can choose from for female arousal.





As the name suggests, this soothing strain has a taste of sweet cherry. On top of that a taste of black pepper can be felt within touching distance.

It is a high breed that is popular among many CBD users. This is because of Charlotte cherries and Wife strain which cross to make a subtle final product.

With 22% CBD in it, it is a source of restoration for the body and mind. It is mostly available as seeds or clone.




Are you in a bad mood or perhaps you feel worn out? Well, the good news is that the lifter is all you need.


This pure strain boasts of a sweet aroma that infuses lemon zest, pineapple, pepper and pine that make its aroma sweet.

The ratio of CBD to THC in this beauty is 20%:0.3%, a clear cut that allows you to enjoy it without getting high.

What’s more the lifting effect has a more relaxing and elevated kind of feel. It is different to the strains that leave you sleepy and lazy.




No not the Tv actor, but the bold effect this strain has, resembles her!

It is a relatively new strain has will get you going in bed. Its sweet taste adds to the pleasure. It has a long lasting effect and seductive feel that will lighten the day or night for you.

Its best trait? It instills calm without leaving you feeling lazy.




It is famous for its stress and anxiety relief benefits. The Cannatonic strain is one of the best strains to date. It also boosts your energy levels and mood.

The high CBD content in it guarantee you won’t experience the High effect from the small THC doses in it.

It definitely gets you in the mood for a wild, highly pleasure-filled sexual encounter.




This powerhouse lives up to its billing. The chill effect it gives is second to none.

The truth is that it beats most of the common strains and opens you up to more possibilities. Whether you are thinking of trying out those crazy positions, it’s definitely one to set you in the mood.

Fair warning, spectrum has slightly higher THC levels than most CBD strains.



T1 Flower

If you mix up some citrus, lavender and mint, what do you get? Correct, the T1 flower!

This real piece of work has more to it than what meets the eye. If vaping is your thing then you need to try this.

Yet, its lemon mint flavor makes it quite tasty in tea too.

It popularity among cultivars has made it headline the market in recent years.





This is one of the purest forms of sativa strains. Sativa is the most predominant strain used in harlequin.

It has 16% CBD and a 3% TCH which makes it an ideal product for balancing emotions, relieving pain and calming the stress out of you.

Its healthy aroma gives it an earthly taste with small hints of mango and citrus that complements it.


Many of the common users of harlequin say it’s a beast in bed.

Industrial Hemp


In essence, this is not a specific strain, it’s a broad category. However, most of the strains that fall here have relative CBD to THC ratio. It is important to check that a CBD strain meets the normal requirements.



Northern California is where it was first, cultivated. Its results have been phenomenal and arguably one of the best. This is largely due to its 20:1 CBD to THC ratio.

What’s more, you can easily use it without any worry of the THC effect. That is why the sense of relaxation that comes with it is irreplaceable.

It is infused with many terpenes that make it a suitable strain for medical patients as well as the normal guy.


Like a partner, wife provides companionship, more so, during sex. 

It has wild cherries that offer terrific boost to your energy levels. It does this without portraying its psychoactivity effects.

You can never go wrong with it, not to mention is has a ratio of 20:1. It is a hybrid of its own class.



Charlotte’s Web

Well if you have heard of the word cannabis, then you’ve probably heard of charlotte’s web.

If not, then let me explain to you what it is, and what it does.

Charlotte is a popular strain used in the medical field. It is more common among epilepsy patients. With a CBD ratio of 27:1 you can see why its effect is very powerful yet, enjoyable.

Charlotte has other know benefits like alleviating mood and increasing appetite. It is re-known around the world as the go to strain.

Now that you have known which strains are good for you. If you are looking for sexual arousal as a woman, then the only thing left is;



What to know when experimenting with CBD strains


Do not exceed the recommended dose

Like any other medicinal plant. You have to exercise caution when dealing with hemp flower strains. 


In light of bedroom matters you should start slow, and increase the dosage relatively as days go by. If by any chance you feel worse off, just switch back to your initial dose.


Remember, this plant has medicinal value and if used to wrongly can interfere with normal body functioning.



Use it before engaging in bedroom matters

Here, a 30-60 minutes rule applies.

You see, CBD does not work like clockwork. It requires some time, regardless of whether you are applying, consuming or smoking it.


Take some time to allow it to create an experience that you will not forget. Trust me, you will thank me later.



Get quality if you want better results

Needless to say, doing a background check is as important as buying the product itself.

Some key things you might want to check out include; 


Its reviews, a good product almost always has some positive reviews. Remember to also ascertain that it verifies standards of an independent lab. This cross check will give you confidence that it is a pure CBD strain and not some blended THC version.

You can also check out some of the reasons why CBD may not be working for you

That’s that; now let us go to the juicy part;



How to use these hemp Flowers

Just like you can’t stop an idea whose time has come, these CBD strains are becoming more main stream by the day. They are going as far as challenging the status quo, that is marijuana.

In fact, countries like the US and UK hemp flowers are legal. You can grow them without fear of being caught.

So what are the most popular ways of consuming them that also you can use?


It is more common with the younger generation. Vaping is one of the most direct ways to get CBD into the blood stream and also the brain.

Its analgesic property amplifies when vaped in huge quantities. This is a way of also relieving pain.





The good old fashioned way never hurts. Some, if not most prefer smoking as it is the most effective way you can boost your cannabinoids in the body.

Among cigarette addicts, rolling a joint is one of the ways to cope and eventually quit smoking. It is largely due to the fact that CBD has zero nicotine tolerance.


As a cooking ingredient

Well, if you prefer adding the dry hemp to your spaghetti sauce, then good for you.

Adding the raw hemp to your food is an easy and convenient method, you may not even notice the taste. However, the effects are still sublime and the overall experience is exciting.


Oil products

CBD has its roots ranging from cooking oils to skin lubricating oil types.

Those who use it as cooking oil prefer it as it is more convenient. You might not feel its full complete taste in the food this way.



Those who use lubrication as a way of CBD intake, claim to feel more adventurous and spontaneous after applying the CBD oils.



Through this method your body’s sensitivity heightens. Your level of engagement level also increases. It boosts your sexual desire. Even the slightest of touch can arouse you.



Some of the common CBD oil lotions include;



CBD Oil Massage Lotion- good for beginners. If it is your first time you are advised to apply in small doses.



Endoca Hemp Oil Drops- it is good for the nervous system. It gives a sense of calmness.



Natural Arousal Lube- This one is especially good for women. It heightens the sexual desire for a woman and even her senses.



You can try the different types, to see which makes you tick. 



Bottom Line



There are many ways you can choose to revamp you sexual life. However, I do recommend you try the strains above if you are looking for a more natural and safer way to boost your sexual activities.

Exercise caution when consuming, applying or smoking the said strains, especially when you are starting out. Try the different strains in low doses; see what works well for you and stick to it.

Increase the dosage as you gain more experience from using them. Do not forget to use it several minutes before engaging in any sexual activity. Otherwise it might not work well as intended

Today there are many strains sold in the name of CBD high strains. Therefore, remember to cross-check your product before buying it. Make sure you buy from a trusted dealer.