How Should a New CBD Store Train Their Employees About CBD?

How should a new cbd store train their employees about cbd

Opening a CBD shop is a great decision, as an influx of people are looking for a local means to acquire high-quality hemp goods to take for daily use. There are numerous benefits to owning a store that sells hemp to the community, and it’s clear that CBD isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

Of course, the key to running a successful business is having the right employees to keep customers satisfied, while also handling the important ins and outs that are necessary to keep the shop clean, stocked, and operational overall. Therefore, one can’t overlook the importance of training employees properly to ensure that they can sell your products and help you run your business in a way that’s as successful and profitable as possible.

The Importance of Fully Training Your Employees

Your employees are largely responsible for keeping customers satisfied and making sure that they continue to return for all of their CBD-related needs. Therefore, it’s of maximum importance that they are trained to handle the demands of this unique type of industry. Besides making sure that their customer service skills are more than adequate, it’s absolutely imperative that they are fully educated on CBD.

CBD is such a new industry that a lot of the general public still doesn’t quite understand it. This is where your employees have the most important task of all. They are responsible for educating customers on CBD, in terms of how it works, how to take it and how to use it safely in order to ensure the best experience possible. Without the right training, your customers may be turning away customers before they even pick up a particular product with the intention of trying it out.

Protocols to Follow

Your employees can make or break your business depending on how knowledgeable and friendly they are with your potential customers. Because CBD is still widely misunderstood among the general public, it’s especially important that you train them properly.

#1: Make Sure They Understand Each Delivery Method

As the owner of a CBD shop, you likely offer a variety of delivery methods including gummies, tinctures, vapes, topicals and more. Each delivery method produces a unique experience, in terms of how long it takes for the effects to be felt, how long the effects last, and even what it may be especially good for. It’s crucial that your employees understand each delivery method fully so that they can help customers understand which one may be ideal for their needs.

#2: Make Sure They Understand Unique Compounds

Further, your employees should be fully educated in the chemical composition of the hemp plant. For instance, they need to know about the different cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoid and nutrients that are in hemp, and how they each affect the body. Your customers may not understand these factors and may therefore not be able to choose the right product for their needs on their own. Further, if your employee can’t, for instance, explain the differences between CBD and CBN, customers will go elsewhere, as they will have a hard time trusting a business that can’t give them basic information about hemp.

This also means that your customers should be fully aware of the differences between full spectrum, broad spectrum, isolate and distillate products, as they can alter the ultimate effects that the customer will feel.

#3: Educate Them on Safety, Dosages and Strengths, and Legality

Of course, it’s extremely important that your employees understand the basics of taking CBD in terms of safety, legality and how much to take. Without a doubt, these are the questions that customers will be asking the most. If a customer asks, for example, “How much CBD should I take daily to manage arthritis?” your employees should be able to guide them through creating the perfect daily routine. And, they should help customers fully understand the safety and legality of CBD, as these factors continue to perplex many inexperienced consumers.

#4: Allow Them to Try Different Products

A great way to get your employees to understand how different CBD products work is to let them try them. Be generous with your employees by giving them samples and full-sized products so that they can become acquainted with the unique effects of different formulas. There’s no better way to get an employee to relay accurate and helpful information than by allowing them to gain personal experience. Just like good restaurant owners know that letting the waiters try the specials of the day helps them sell the specials more efficiently, letting your employees try out your products makes it easier for them to speak about them enthusiastically with customers.

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#5: Give Them Literature

There is plenty of literature out there that covers crucial information about hemp, so look out for books and articles that can be shared with your employees. Ideally, you want your employees to be experts on hemp, so that they can answer your customers’ questions perfectly.

#6: Help Them Attend Training Conferences and CBD Conventions

Training conferences and CBD conventions take place all over the world, and they’re a great way to absorb a whole lot of information about CBD within a short period of time. If you can, do what is necessary to make it easy for your employees to attend some of these events, as it will help them become better at selling your products.

#7: Stay on Top of the News

As you know already, the CBD industry is constantly evolving, as is the FDA’s view on the industry. This means that it’s imperative that you stay on top of the ever-changing status of hemp. As the industry becomes increasingly popular and widely studied, additional guidelines are coming out that determine how the products may be sold in stores. This means that you have to keep up in order to train your employees on the practices that are acceptable and the ones that are not.  

In other words, with such a relatively unstable industry, you’re going to be constantly retraining your staff so that they’re complying with regulations.

#8: Health Claims are a Gray Area

Sure, there’s lots of evidence that CBD can help with everything from chronic migraines to frequent panic attacks and everything in between.  But, still, the FDA really doesn’t want CBD sellers making definitive health claims regarding what hemp can and cannot do in terms of a person’s health.  Therefore, it’s very important that you train your employees to use the right language when trying to sell a product to a customer.

You should tell your employees that they can refer customers to studies done on CBD for more information.  You should also tell them to use phrases like “CBD can help with your pain” rather than “CBD will help with your pain.”  This way, you’re in the clear in case the customer comes back and says that the product didn’t work for their particular needs.

#9: Train Them to Be Patient and Compassionate

It’s just as important that your employees have good customer service skills, which largely rely on patience and compassion. They must remember that many people coming into your business have absolutely no experience with CBD, and an employee using a condescending tone could make or break a potential sale. Further, some people will be coming in with serious health issues, looking for not only direction, but compassion.

#10: Offer Employee Perks and Discounts

Your employees will be much more likely to sell your products eagerly if you offer them perks and discounts. While you train them, let them know about potential perks and discounts so that they can take advantage of them and be happier employees overall.

Don’t Cut Corners When It Comes to Training Your Employees 

By training them properly, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your customers are getting the information that they need so that they feel confident making their purchases. With just a little bit of time, your training efforts can turn your employees into CBD-selling machines.

Training employees to work in your CBD shop relies heavily on education about hemp, as well as basic skill development that will help them maintain a friendly and helpful demeanor when speaking to your customers. 

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