How to Go About Purchasing CBD From a Trusted Vendor

how to purchase cbd from a trusted vendor



CBD is a rapidly growing industry that will likely only get bigger over the next several years.  So, it is more important than ever before to keep an eye out for questionable hemp companies that are looking to make a quick buck while the trend explodes.  Sadly, not all CBD products are made equally, meaning that many products that are on the market simply do not live up to their claims.  Even worse, some CBD products out there might be dangerous to consume.

Purchasing CBD from a Trusted Vendor: A Guide

That is why we are going to walk you through all of the things that you have to consider when trying to select the perfect hemp product, either as a consumer or business owner.

Lab Results are Crucial Indeed

Before you check anything else, look for lab results on the company’s website.  Posting third-party lab results has become somewhat of a standard, meaning that if a company does not make those results easily accessible, you should assume that it’s because they have something to hide.  

Third-party lab results clearly state the potency level, purity, ingredients, and even terpene profile of the particular strain of hemp that went into their product.  This allows you to know for sure that you are getting a high-quality, effective product that can suit your needs or those of your customers.  Plus, knowing the unique terpene profile of the hemp extract can help you know what to expect as different terpenes have different potential benefits.    

Look for Ingredient Lists

CBD products contain hemp extract in addition to other ingredients.  For example, a CBD tincture will contain hemp extract and a nontoxic carrier oil such as MCT oil in addition to flavoring extracts if the tincture is flavored.  

Meanwhile, a topical CBD solution will contain hemp extract as well as emulsifiers and other ingredients known for hydrating and absorbing into the skin.

If you plan on taking CBD every day or are a business owner that will be carrying a good amount of a particular brand’s products, it’s very important that you take these ingredients into account.  You do not want to be, or having your customers, ingesting or absorbing cheap filler ingredients that may or may not be good to have on a daily basis.  And, of course, if a company does not clearly list their ingredients, walk away as they likely have a reason for keeping this information concealed.

Check Out Reviews

Another great way to determine whether or not a company is worth your money is to check out reviews either on the company’s website or around the internet.  Because CBD is such a massive industry at the moment, it is not hard to find reviews of different products.  Also, consider checking out CBD forums online, as you’ll likely come across users discussing which brands they like and which ones they don’t.

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Consider the Price

It’s an unfortunate reality that if a CBD product’s price seems too good to be true, it probably is.  CBD is still on the unregulated side at the time of this article, meaning that basically any company can make a hemp product and claim that it’s high in quality, potent, pure, and good for your health.  The problem is that these companies, even though the FDA is starting to hammer down on this, are still trying to state these things even though their products for the most part, do not come close to those expectations.

Lots of CBD products that have extremely low price tags contain next to zero hemp extract.  A company can easily get away with putting minute amounts of hemp in their products and calling it potent.  Of course, when you take these products, they will likely leave you feeling disappointed.

Additionally, cheap CBD brands might be using lots of fillers that are not good for your health.  That is why you always have to thoroughly look through a product’s packaging in order to determine whether or not it is actually high in quality.

Know What You are Looking For

It is best to do lots of research on CBD products before checking out what’s on the market.  By having a clear idea of what it is that you want, you will be able to make a more educated decision.  

For example, if you know that you want a flavored CBD tincture made with full spectrum hemp extract, that will help you narrow things down so that you’ll be less likely to come across cheap brands making poor-quality products.

Also, it’s a good idea to know about what CBD is and how it affects the body.  That way, you will be able to walk away from any products making dubious claims or making claims of your own as a business owner selling those said products for that vendor, that demonstrate that the brand in general does not really get what hemp is all about. 

Ask Around

One of the best ways to find a trusted CBD vendor is to simply ask around.  Because CBD is immensely popular right now, it is highly likely that you have some people in your life (personal or business) who are already taking it with much success. 

If you do not know anyone who is taking cannabidiol, you can try joining some online hemp forums and asking around there.  You’ll get some extremely helpful information as these are real people who have been using CBD for a while.  They will hopefully be able to point you in the right direction.

Quick Final Thoughts

CBD can be an incredible product to add to your daily regimen or be able to provide to your customers.  However, in order to really reap its benefits, it is crucial that you purchase your hemp from a trusted and respected manufacturer or company that provides the information for which we have discussed here today.

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