How to Possibly Spot a Fake CBD Product

how to spot a fake cbd product

The CBD industry is becoming larger as more people are discovering the multitude of potential benefits that this plant-based compound has to offer.  Therefore, it’s no surprise that the market is almost flooded with CBD these days.  As public demand increases, more companies are popping up, hoping to make some money off of the craze.  

This means that consumers must be more careful than ever when purchasing a CBD product.  It is imperative that a person avoids fake CBD products if they want to have a positive experience with the cannabinoid and have some hope of finding real euphoria.

So, how do you spot a fake CBD product?  

Fortunately, not as hard as you may think.  There are plenty of giveaways that can help you spot a fake from a mile away, so to speak.  Before we get into that, we first must discuss…

Do Fake CBD Products Really Exist?

You may be surprised to discover that there are, in fact, a lot of fake CBD products out there these days.  One would think that a product intended to be used for different purposes would be highly regulated and would therefore make the chance of fakes being on the market highly unlikely.  However, current CBD regulations have a lot to do with why so make fakes exist in the first place.

Remember that CBD is a still in its early stages so to speak.  Hemp cultivation has only been legal for a few years, and only recently has there been enough research about its potential benefits.  With any new industry, laws and regulations are going to be loose and fairly confusing.  This is because the product simply has not been around long enough for the FDA to create a clear list of rules regarding how the product may be produced and sold.

This leaves a lot of room for companies to sell fake products with minimal legal repercussion.  And, with CBD being as popular as it is these days, you can surely understand why so many companies would be trying to create fake CBD products in order to make some money off of the trend.

How to Spot a Fake

So, how can you tell whether a CBD product is legit or not?  Allow us to help you figure that out.

Do Some Research Beforehand

The best thing that you can do as a CBD consumer is devote a good amount of time researching the industry and CBD itself.  This will help you become so educated on the subject that you will have an exceptionally good idea of what to look for when shopping for CBD.  The more information you know regarding CBD and how it’s produced, the easier it will be to spot red flags quickly.

Today, there are many resources out there that can educate you on CBD.  Try to keep up with these resources so that you can always learn new things about the industry.  The more educated you are, the more likely it is that you’ll be buying the right products for your needs.

Look Up a Brand

Remember that you can always research a CBD company before purchasing a product.  The internet makes it quite easy to find a wealth of information regarding a brand that is selling CBD products.  For instance, if you’re in a store that’s selling CBD tinctures, you can simply Google the company while you are in the store.  Any CBD company that makes legitimate products will have a company website that provides you with third party lab results verifying the product’s quality, purity, and potency.  If the website seems to be lacking in this information, it is best to steer clear.

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Consider the Price Point

CBD is, as any experienced user knows, a bit expensive.  When you consider the high volume of plant material that goes into producing a single milliliter of hemp extract, the high price is understandable.  Yet, we all like saving a buck here and there, which is why many of us feel tempted to seek out the cheapest CBD products on the market.

The thing is that cheap CBD is usually cheap for a reason.  If a price seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t worth your money.  This can be a sign that there is way more filler than CBD in the formula, or that the CBD itself is actually extremely low in quality.  Even worse, it can mean that the product is a complete fake, lacking any actual CBD whatsoever.

Consider the Source from Which You are Purchasing CBD

What does this mean?  Well, is it coming directly from a company that has a strong reputation for creating high-quality products?  We know that nowadays, many retailers sell CBD products, including vitamin stores, natural health food stores, and even gas stations.  While the availability of CBD is convenient, it should also make you question whether or not the products being sold are the real deal.  

A lot of business owners who do not have personal experience with cannabidiol will be glad to sell CBD products without knowing themselves whether or not the brand is legitimate.  So, we always recommend buying hemp products directly from a manufacturer that is trusted and respected among CBD users.

Compare the Label to the Real Thing

Sometimes, you will come across a fake CBD product that looks identical to an actual product produced by a reputable brand.  This is known as counterfeit, and it is highly illegal.  Still, that does not stop some companies from trying to rip off labels from respected brands in order to get their piece of the CBD pie.

One way to verify that a CBD product is the real thing is to compare labels.  Go to the legitimate company’s website and look up a picture of the label that’s on their CBD product.  Then, compare this image to the label on the product that you’re considering buying.  If there are any slight differences in wording, color or font, there is a chance that you are holding a counterfeit product.

Smell the Product

If possible, try to get a good whiff of the CBD product.  We all know that hemp has a very potent and distinctive smell.  If a CBD product does not smell like the hemp that you know and love, chances are that it could be a fake.

Check for Online Reviews

Nowadays, we can easily find reviews of a company before buying something from them.  If you don’t know whether or not a company is legitimate, try searching for reviews online.  You’ll most certainly know right away whether or not a product is worth your money by hearing other people talk about their experiences with it.

Don’t Be Fooled

Now that CBD has grown on a mainstream level, it’s that more likely you’ll come across some fake products from time to time.  Good news is that the more experienced of a CBD user you become, the easier it will be to identify a fake as soon as you pick it up in your hand.  Use this guide to create a mental checklist that can help you identify a fake before possibly wasting your money.  



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