What is the best CBD flower on the market?

CBD flower

In recent times, CBD flowers have gained traction in the local and international market, and it’s all thanks to the legalization of cannabis. As a result of the booming market of CBD and hemp-derived products, proponents of cannabis are now looking for better and easier ways to enjoy the promised benefits of the plant. With dozens of research rolling into the market per minute, it isn’t difficult to identify CBD-rich hemp flower as the rising star of the cannabis industry. CBD flowers like other cannabidiol related products have been known to foster relief from different ailments and disabilities and depending on the flower strain you buy; you can reap even more benefit on CBD flower than you would with other CBD infused products.

There is no doubt that CBD- rich hemp flowers are in hot demand across the globe. But as it is customary with CBD products, CBD rich hemp flowers come in ranges. Hence the topic of this article; what are the best CBD flowers in the market? If you are looking for the perfect CBD flower strains for pain relief or to help manage your condition, you should consider buying any of the following flower strains. Most of the brands listed below are 100% organic and they have decades worth of combined experience.

 CBD flower

8 best CBD flower strains in the market

1. Cherry wine

Cherry wine CBD hemp flower strain is one of the most renowned flower strains in the market, for good reasons. One such reason is because of the low amount of THC it contains. In this way, you can enjoy the pain and ailment relieving potentials of CBD without rendering yourself a couch potato. On top of that, the cherry wine CBD hemp flower produces a high volume of CBD of up to 22%. Thus, allowing you to enjoy faster relief from sickness and diseases. Crossed between the world-renowned wife strain and the ever-popular Charlottes cherries, cherry wine is an aromatic strain. Thus, it is not only effective but delectable as well. The strain is available in clones and seeds, so take your time to pick in the best cherry wine CBD hemp flower for your needs.

2. Hawaiian haze

Hawaiian haze is a scrumptiously delicious CBD hemp flower, with distinctive citrus/tropical aroma. The strain has a subtle earthy undertone to its aroma, which makes it the ideal flower strain for summer get-togethers. While its 18% CBD content does not qualify as “high”, it is enough to overcome your daily aches and pains. Besides, its perfect delta 9 THC level makes it perfect for everyday consumption. If you are new to all things CBD flower strains, you should consider buying this CBD rich hemp flower for your daily use. It provides just enough CBD to alleviate pain and aches, with minimal amounts of THC to prevent intoxication.

3. Lifter

Talk about a CBD flower strain that is capable of lifting the spirit, mind, and soul, the Lifter CBD flower strain reign supreme. This delectable flower strain cackles with an audacious flavor profile reminiscent of lemon, white pepper, pine, and pineapple zest. This CBD flower strain is quite different from the regular strains. With varying levels of CBD (14 to 20%) and THC (up to 0.3%), Lifter CBD hemp elevates the soul, even as it helps you relax. Aside from the fact that it is energizing and tranquil, Lifter has a sweet-sour taste that is certain to give you the CBD experience that you are looking for.

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4. Electra

A bold high-CBD flower strain that unlocks a cascade of aroma, Electra is a connoisseur’s first choice of flower strain. When consumed, Electra produces a sweet, piney, and citrus zest, that is nothing like you have ever experienced before. This unique CBD flower strain is ideal for people who prefer the oral ingestion of CBD. Don’t mind the woodsy feel that it leaves in the mouth, its sweet-nutty zest and heightened duration of effect will compensate for it. If you want to enjoy the calming potential of CBD without spiraling into long hours of inertia, Electra is your premium choice of CBD hemp flower strain.

5. Secret OG

In the fight for the legalization of marijuana and CBD based products, one of the most debated topics is the intoxicating characteristics of the cannabis plant. However, with the secret OG flower strain, you can enjoy the mending and preventive properties of hemp whilst reducing the chances of THC accumulating in your system. This CBD flower strain contains 0.05% of THC, which is about one-fifth of the 0.3% THC limit recommended by the federal government. On top of that, the strain has a delectable flavor profile that includes creamy and earthy undertones. Therefore, you can enjoy the sweet and powerful aroma of CBD without getting high or intoxicated.

6. White rabbit

The white rabbit is one of Berkshire’s top CBD flower strains and a must-have for anyone testing the waters of CBD. The flavor profile of this CBD-rich hemp flower is citrusy-lemony, which makes it ideal for your summer get-together. If you are looking for an uplifting and energizing strain for your aches and pains, this is it. The white rabbit flower strain contains a little under 0.25% of THC and a little over 16.6% of CBD. As a result, you can use the white rabbit strain for your daytime aches without feeling woozy at work.

7. Joy

The name gives it away already. The Joy CBD flower strain is the fantastic daytime strain for boosting mood and happiness. If you are feeling down or melancholy, you should get this CBD rich hemp flower to help lift your mood. Its delightfully earthy and piney zest will brighten your day as its 14.1% CBD content instills calm. It is worth mentioning, however, that the THC content of Joy is higher than other CBD hemp flower strains listed on this page. As a result, you should expect some feelings of euphoria when consuming the Joy flower strain. But regardless of its euphoric effect, Joy packs a heavy punch when it comes to enjoyable effects.

8. Cherry cough

When it comes to scents and accents, sweet red cherries are cherry cough’s focus. Its flavor profile consists of a subtle yet distinct hint of gas, that makes the Cherry cough irresistible to the taste buds. This unique flower strain is the ideal end-of-day stress reliever, and you’ll find its 16.9% CBD helpful for your pains and aches. You won’t get high consuming this flower strain since it contains an almost undetectable level of THC. Besides, the Cherry cough flower strain is a 100% organic strain. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about adverse effects when reaping the CBD benefits of this fantastic end-of-day strain.


The cannabis industry is one of the most diversified industries in the world, and as such, you should expect some level of variations in the quality of products. While the CBD flower strains listed on this page are renowned for their dexterity in relieving pains and aches, they still have their drawbacks. So take your time to explore the market to find one that is ideal for your needs.

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