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CBDDY™ CBD being a reputable brand in the CBD industry, has launched various CBD products to meet the changing demands of CBD users. CBD is a remarkable cannabinoid for repairing and stimulating the body immune system. Researchers worldwide are conducting more studies to discover precisely how CBD functions in the body, though it is already a universal knowledge with proves from various animal and human studies that CBD can function as an analgesic, anti-psychotic, anti-tumoral, anti-convulsant, antiemetic, anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant and antioxidant when consumed as a supplement on a daily basis.

[ps2id id=’cbddy-mission’ target=”/]At CBDDY, our mission is to provide high quality CBD products to the Arkansas CBD market and also create awareness of the health importance of using CBD products. We offer private label or contract manufacturing for CBD Oil and other highly sought cbd products. The cannabis plants used to manufacture our CBD products, are grown organically in the United States without pesticides or herbicides, and they have a high quality of carbon dioxide. We offer our customers wider range of CBD and hemp products both in wholesale and retail packages in Arkansas and all across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Great Britain, Australia, Germany, and any other country you can throw out. 

If you are in need of high quality

Chances are we already have the CBD Product you are looking for, but in event that we don’t, we offer custom CBD pvt label formulations. Minimum order for pvt label formulations is $10,000. 

Guide to Deciding Which CBD Product Is Right For You

So, You’ve decided to visit CBDDY online store, where you’re faced with various kinds of CBD products, some of which you’ve never even heard of before. Where do you begin? How do you choose which one to buy? What if you need it in different forms for various scenarios? How do you know which one is ideal for you? If you’re stuck in such a scenario, no worries! You’re in the right place! We’re here to help you answer all your pressing questions and decide the ideal kind of CBD product for your peculiar needs and desires. Read on, and we’ll show you the various forms of CBD product, including the pros and cons of the most common ways people use it. Make this your handy guide in deciding the ideal types of CBD product that suits your lifestyle. Once you discover the perfect fit, you’ll be thankful you took the time to read this!

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Are you looking for Full Spectrum CBD Oil or Isolate CBD oil?  We’ve got a selection of both full Spectrum and isolate CBD oil right here in a tincture bottle form. A CBD oil tincture is the most common forms of CBD product. It’s pure CBD oil. It comes in a dropper bottle so you can administer it effortlessly. Some people refer to this as hemp oil, marijuana oil, CBD oil or CBD tinctures. Mainly, they all are different words for the same product. Some people go for CBD oil tincture because, of its extreme affordability. You can easily take CBD oil in any dose you desire. The CBD potency is evenly distributed throughout the bottle; so you can have a big gulp or a tiny drop. The choice is yours! You’re entirely free with the dosage, irrespective of whether the contents of the bottle are labeled to have low or high concentration. You can begin with a low dosage and step it up as needed. While most people love this flexibility, it can also be its demerit. One of the reasons people shy away from CBD oil tincture is that it can get dirty, as they will be dealing with the actual oil. It doesn’t come as a mess-free, handy pill; it could drop, spill or get on your clothes and skin. Nevertheless, as long as you don’t mind, taking CBD oil might be the best way to go.

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CBD Capsules

CBD pills or capsules are just CBD oils made into pill forms. In this case, we use soft vegetarian-friendly gel capsules. Each one contains a particular amount of CBD. Likes most pills, they come in a bottle and are easy to swallow and carry. CBD capsules are one of the most common forms of CBD. Most people use the capsules because they are convenient and easy to move around, mess-free. They also contain a particular amount of CBD dose, so there are no much concerns about wrong dosage. This makes them ideal for those on the go. They are easy to remember. You can take them as daily supplements or as alternatives to painkillers. For instance, some people only take a CBD pill when in pain or when they desire to take a pill. Others refuse to take pills because they cannot modify the dosage. Since each pill contains a certain CBD dose, you can take one, two or three, but not some dose in-between each capsule.

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CBD Gummies

These are CBD in edible form, CBD gum has rapidly become popular in recent times due to its efficiency and positive feedbacks, one of the major benefits of CBD gummies is that, it speedily lowers the chronic pain sensations. Also, CBD gummies could be the best solution for nausea and anxiety patient, as it rapidly helps suppress nausea and vomiting, as well as given protections to the teeth and entire oral cavity. Unlike the CBD capsule, gummies also come in a bottle or small packet and are easy to chew and carry on the go. Majority of the women always go for the gummies than any other CBD forms because, they are completely mess-free and convenient to use, even in a public area.

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Topical CBD; Balms and Lotions

Another prevalent form of CBD is CBD balm, lotion or rub. Topical CBD products are trendy. You don’t inhale or ingest them, so most people are willing to try them out. Some of their merits include being foolproof and very easy to use. You can’t take too much of them since you don’t Ingest them. The best thing is that, they can be easily applied on the skin to help ease soreness. For strong relief, most people like to have CBD balm massaged into their joints or muscles. Topical CBD also has a positive effect on the skin, though some people feel that rubbing or massaging CBD into the skin reduces its impact. Using topical CBD can sometimes get a little bit messy, you have to apply it with your hands or a roller. It can cause a little greasy or oily feeling on the skin.

Grandmas Secret Salve CBD

Already, you must have heard about the real benefits of CBD. You have probably even considered giving it a try, but something has held you back.

Perhaps you’re unable to cope with the stigma associated with cannabis, or you fear it could have you feeling dizzy and worn out.

We understand! The use of cannabis product still remains a controversy in some states, as many misconceptions fly freely abound about its abilities and inabilities.

However, CBDDY CBD is sure of the role CBD plays in:

  • healing

  • Overall Wellbeing

  • Soothing Chronic Pain


If it didn’t, how would we still be here today with hundreds of 5 star reviews across the internet?

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How would our repeat customer rate exceed 50% in just a six month period?

 Also, to guarantee you have an awesome experience with your CBD product, you will be better off shopping online from reputable brands and well-established CBD companies like CBDDY CBD, a wholesale CBD store, available to supply high quality CBD products both in bulk and retail units. Please do contact us if you have any question relating to

  • CBD gummies
  • CBD Topical Products;

we will be glad to have all your questions answered.

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