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Bulk Wholesale 99.9% PURE CBD Isolate

1 kilogram CBD ISOLATE

Highest Quality of CBD Isolate which due to the purification process is able to retain Cannabidivarin (cbdv). Unlike much of the cbd isolate on the market, ours is not stripped of the terpenes which provide the synergestic effects of the terpenes found within the hemp plant. Our  wholesale BULK CBD Isolate also contains amounts of CBGA.

Our Broad Spectrum CBD Isolate contains absolutely no residual solvents which is the common problem found with many other broad spectrum isolates.

Our CBD Isolate is always 99% pure and derived from industrial hemp grown Organically in the United States.

High quality cbd isolate should sparkly like white snow when in light.

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Weight 1000 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in

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What is CBGa?
CBGa, (cannabigerolic acid), is the mother of all cannabinoids. It is produced in the cannabis plant as it grows, and as the plant matures it converts itself into THCa, CBDa, CBCa and perhaps even more cannabinoids that have not yet revealed themselves to science. These secondary cannabinoids in turn will convert themselves slowly into the more commonly know THC, CBD, CBC and also CBG as the plant naturally matures and decarboxylates, and are fully converted when high heat is applied, as in smoking, vaping or cooking. (When the carbon molecules are transformed by plant maturity, UV light, heat, and high temperature heat the process is called decarboxylation.)

But how important is CBGa or CBG to our health? A lot less is known about CBGa, the precursor to cannabinoids, than is known about the cannabinoids themselves, because there just hasn’t been that much study on it, but we do know a little and what we know is promising. We know that neither CBGa or CBG will get you high, and according to studies by Steep Hill Labs, (formerly Steep Hill/Halent), CBG binds more to the CB1 receptors in our bodies, (located mostly but not exclusively in the central nervous system), than to CB2 receptors, (located in other peripheral locations and internally such as the digestive tract), and is considered to be classified as an antagonist. And we know they have healing properties.

How much Thc is in our cbd isolate?

Do you manufacture your own cbd isolate?
No, we have partnered with the largest cbd isolate manufacturer which operates out of a 200,000 sq ft building near Denver Colorado. Our CBD Isolate is manufactured in a plant that has iso-9001:2015 as well as CDPHE Licensed as a food manufacturer using CBD.
These are just a few reasons why we have partnered with our manufacturer and the bulk amounts we purchase is how we are able to extend the savings to you.

Do you offer discounts for bulk kg quantities?
Yes, we offer discounts for bulk kg purchases however we will not discuss actual pricing without proof of funds.


We apologize for the inconvenience however we no longer send samples due to the quickly growing demand and list of paying bulk CBD Isolate customers. We\'ve established our brand with trust and no longer have the need to prove our product quality or business ethic. May order any quantity listed on our site. If you need to test it yourself, we suggest ordering a gram for $20. We\'re not discounting lower quantities for your testing purposes. We apologize for any inconvenience but this keeps prices low like you like


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