Is it legal to order CBD flowers online?

CBD flowers online

With the great and amazing reports, we have heard about CBD, it is difficult to imagine that cannabis is still illegal in some states. But due to the complicated relationship between cannabis and the law, you may be breaking state laws when you buy CBD flowers online. Keep in mind that different states have different laws regarding CBD consumption and purchase. Thus, you must check your city laws before you can purchase hemp flowers online. With that said, whether or not it is legal to buy CBD flowers online depends on the type of CBD flower you are buying and the laws of your city.

Because of the unique similarities they share with marijuana buds, the appropriateness of CBD flowers is still highly debated across many states in the USA. But, with the signing of the farm bill in 2018, hemp and all its parts have been legalized federally as agricultural commodities. So, if you must buy CBD flowers online, you must ensure that it comes from medical hemp and not marijuana. In addition to making sure the CBD flower is from hemp, you must also follow these steps to buy CBD flowers safely online.

CBD flowers online

Check your state laws

Even though over 40 states in the United States have accepted hemp purchase and consumption, you may find CBD hemp flowers banned in one state and accepted in the other. For instance, in Texas, the production of smokable hemp flower is considered a violation of the state cannabis laws. However, the state does not prohibit the consumption and possession of smokable hemp flowers. This invariably means that you can buy hemp flowers online and use them in Texas without breaking the law. Similarly, in California, the law permits citizens to use hemp but prohibits the sale of foods containing CBD (cannabidiol). But while CBD infused foods may get you in trouble in California, states like Florida and Colorado have little or no reservations against hemp and CBD infused products.

Sad to say that some states have already or are in the process of banning hemp flower. Thus, people in these states will experience legality issues when buying CBD online. The reason is that the similarity between marijuana buds and hemp flowers makes it difficult for the government to differentiate marijuana from smokable hemp.

While we hope that the forthcoming statement from the FDA will foster the legalization of hemp flower in these states, we suggest you hold on with your hemp flower purchase. If you are not sure about your state’s reservations concerning the use, production, and purchase of CBD hemp flowers, check your state laws. 

How to buy hemp flowers online

If you have checked your state laws concerning the purchase of CBD flowers online, and the law permits you to make a purchase. Take the following steps to buy CBD hemp flowers online.

5 important factors to consider before buying your CBD flower online. 

Because of the gloomy laws surrounding the use of hemp and CBD flowers, it is recommended that you ascertain compliance with cannabis laws before making a purchase. By doing this, you’ll protect yourself against any legal issues that may arise in the future.

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look for these things, when buying a CBD flower online.

  1. Check for CoA (Certificate of Analysis)

You must check the certificate of analysis of any hemp flower that you want to buy on the internet, to avoid legality issues. This document will show you the exact amount of ingredients present in your hemp flower. Amongst other things, the certificate of analysis will reveal the concentrations of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids present in the flower strain. Also, it will reveal the terpenes and flavor profile of your hemp flower. Over and above that, it will prove that the claims made by the manufacturer about the validity of the product are true. How? Because the certificates are issued by third-party laboratories and the tests are performed on each batch of the product.

  1. Great customer review/service

As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t buy hemp flowers from a vendor until you have carried out your research on the product. While you may not know this, some vendors hype their products more than their true worth. Because if you are not careful, you’ll end up with products that are subpar or illegal. To avoid these substandard products, you should make it a point to read reviews and ask questions before making a purchase.  If you can, call the vendor during working hours and ask questions about the product you are interested in.

On the off chance that you can’t find the vendor’s contact details, suspect foul play.

Also when reading customer reviews on products you are interested in, make sure to read ones with smaller star ratings; they give the best reviews.

  1. Notice to law enforcement is included in the package.

Owing to the murky laws surrounding the sale and consumption of CBD flowers across different states in the USA, vendors are required to include a notice to law enforcement in the packaging of their products. By including notice in the packaging of the CBD hemp flower and providing a certificate of analysis from a third-party laboratory, the vendor authenticates the products. Consequently, this will protect the products from getting held at customs. Similarly, the customer will be protected from losing money. At the end of the day, the goods will reach the customer without exposing him or her to the chastisement of the law.

  1. Pesticide-free

The hemp plant, like other plants out there, is vulnerable to diseases and pests. Hence, why some manufacturers use pesticides to protect their produce. But while pesticides protect hemp from pests, it often contaminates the quality of the product making it unsafe for human consumption. This is not a problem for premium manufacturers of CBD-rich hemp flowers, because they have figured out how to grow hemp without contaminating the product with pesticides. Aside from the fact that they grow their hemp on pesticide-free soil, they still make it a point to conduct in-house testing on the flower strains. Therefore, you can enjoy high-quality Hemp flowers with little or no contamination.

  1. Low THC content

THC is the main addictive substance in CBD flowers. Though it poses some wellbeing benefits to customers, too much of it can make you feel euphoric. But as the benefits of THC cannot be overlooked in CBD hemp flowers, the government has accepted 0.3% THC as the limit of THC concentration in CBD and hemp-derived products. Thus, before you make a payment for your next order of CBD flowers, make sure they contain the right amount of THC. If not, you may be held in violation of the state or federal cannabis laws.


There are other things to check when choosing the right CBD Hemp flower for your needs, especially if you want to stay compliant with the state and federal cannabis laws. They include terpenes (flavor profile), CBD concentration, and the producer. If you take your time to pick a product that complies with the aforementioned criteria, you can order CBD hemp flower online without breaking any laws.

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