CBDDY CBD Products Announces Five CBD Discount Programs Coming Available May 1, 2018

Beginning May 1, 2018 you could save up to 20% on each order from CBDDY.com by combining our offered discounts

CBDDY Discount Programs

After having multiple conversations with a handful of customers and internal meetings about the topic, we at CBDDY.com are very proud to announce that beginning 5/1/2018 we will begin offering discounts to any current or new customer who is

  1. legally disabled 
  2. Veteran of US Armed Forces
  3. Current Member of US Armed Forces
  4. Auto Ship Subscribers
  5. Physician Recommended 

If you do not know what cbd is, then you can begin with our article titled “What is CBD, Is it marijuana

CBDDY Disability Discount Save 10% on each order

Discount For Disabilities

If you are legally disabled meaning that the ssi classifies you as such and you have documentation to confirm this then you qualify for a lifetime discount on all products unless otherwise noted at cbddy.com. Simply upload your documentation stating you qualify for disability and access your preferred pricing. In addition to this discount you can save an additional 10% by enrolling into autoship.

Military Discount For CBD Save 10% on each order

CBDDY Military Discount

Being a former member of the United States Armed Forces myself, I have a lot of respect for each and every member and former member of the armed forces. It’s not much but it’s our way of saying Thank You to all who have and are currently serving our great country. Simply upload a scanned copy of your military identification card or dd214 along with a copy of your state issued identification card and receive access to your preferred pricing. You can save an additional 10% by enrolling into autoship.


Physicians Recommendation Discount Save 10%

Physician Recommended CBD patients

Some physicians are recommending their patients use CBD to aide in many ailments today. If  your a physician please contact usand join our list of CBD friendly physicians list and we will provide all clients you recommend using cbd products a discount each month. If your doctor is not on our list of cbd friendly doctors, please tell them about our program and that we would love to add them.

If you are a licensed physician and would like for us to refer customers who think Cannabidiol may be a supplement that could aide them with issues they may be facing, contact us and we will add you to our database of recommended physisician. 

If you are interested in speaking to a licensed physician about if cbd is right for you, we are in the process of building a database of physicians around the United States that you may speak with to determine if our products could possibly be of benefit to you.

We strive to make our products as affordable as possible and the above mentioned is our first step toward being one of the most accessible lines of Cannabidiol products in the industry.

You can save an additional 10% by enrolling into autoship.

CBDDY VIP CLUB Discount Save an additional 10% 

This discount may be combined with any other discounts offered as well as any new promotional discounts unless otherwise specified.

We are very grateful for our loyal customers that use our CBD products on a regular basis. When you subscribe to cbd autoship service, we will automatically send  your product of choice on the same day of each month to ensure you have a ongoing supply of our high quality cbd products. We also send our autoship customers exclusive samples from time to time as we know you are our most loyal clients and are most likely to provide us with honest feedback to better our product line. Autoship customers also get first opportunity at purchasing our limited edition products. If they purchase them all, they will never make it to the site to be published. We email our autoship customers and offer them the opportunity to speak for these products. We call this program CBDDY VIP Club! Everyone is eligible to join the CBDDY VIP CLUB. 

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CBDDY offers multiple discount programs for those who may not be able to afford CBD Treatment. Offering Discounts to past and current members of the US Armed Forces, those who are on disability and also those who are recommended to use CBD by a licensed physician.
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