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CBDDY offers multiple isolated hemp extracted cannabinoids. We’ve been voted one of the Top 3 sources to Buy CBD Isolate Online after our record setting buy one get one free sale offered in early 2020 to kick off quarter 1. To kick off quarter two, we’re planning an even BIGGER CBD Isolate Sale which will be announced once marketing is in place. So stay tuned for another jaw dropping CBD Isolate Special from CBDDY. Where we only source US Made CBD Isolate from ISO Certified labs some of which have already become GmpC and others who’ve obtained ISO and are in process of becoming gmpC and refuse to support those who irresponsibly continue to import impure cbd isolate from outside the US putting our USA based labs out of business & destroying the ability of a US based certified Lab from sustainably operating. We Believe in building  sustainable relationships with US small businesses giving priority to minority operated and veteran operated operations.


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