Since early conception in 2018 CBDDY has been a top contender in the CBD edible category. Infusing over 125 edible products with cbd for clients in 16 countries CBDDY set the standard very early by educating customers about the industries scams and low quality standards. Until CBDDY, the industry only offered cbd gummy bears sprayed with ethanol and cbd isolate. This gave tons of brands horrible reputations as no two gummies ever contained the same dosage. We refused to operate and build our reputation on this so we discontinued the sale of cbd gummies until we perfected our own method of cbd infusion. An infusion evenly dosing each gummy witching 7-10% of one another. We achieved this by focusing on homogenizing our infused mixture. After we achieved this, we ran into many new hurdles with making gummy candy. From allowing them to properly set, them came the shelf life issue as well as molding issue. This is when we adopted the already mastered curing methods for our top shelf hemp buds into our gummy manufacturing process. Curing draws out all of the trapped moisture within the gummies which when left and packaged, turns to mold. An issue that if taken to market, could not only make your customers sick, could also lead to a lawsuit. CBDDY has created our own proprietary cbd gummy infusion methods as well as perfected the art of making durable gummy candy that will last on your shelf. Filled with TRULY INFUSED CBD gummies I like our competitors. Recent raise of capital has allowed us to expand our cbd gummy manufacturing abilities by ordering a entry level commercial gummy depositor. This will 100x our in-house cbd gummy manufacturing abilities. While we’ve currently had to train & pay a third party to manufacture our cbd gummies over the last two years, we are aiming at 100% vertical cbd gummy manufacturing abilities by October 2020 and are currently entertaining long term private label cbd gummy contract manufacturing offers. We fully intend on a quick catch from customers forcing us to quickly upgrade equipment. We’re already in discussions & negotiations on this me next piece that will require an approximate $60,000 investment. This addition will seal the deal and allow us to out manufacture in terms of speed and qty every company who’s popped up over the last two years, positioning cbddy to regain its place as the leading cbd gummy manufacturer in the world.

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