CBDDY CBD CBD infused tinctures have always made from All Natural & Organic pharma-grade cbd isolate.

CBDDY CBD Oil was our original branded product taken to retail market in 2018 when we introduced 500mg CBD Oil for sale on the Wishapp. Here we quickly achieved goal 1 f obtaining 100 customers. We also achieved goal 2 of first 500 customers as well as goal 3,4,5. We obtained our very first  2,800 CBDDY customers on wish app only offering 1 single product. Many of which we proudly still serve today. The ones we blame for us still bring here today through all the ups and downs. These are the ones I’ll never forget! The ones who allowed us to ever be a contender. We achieved this by having high quality standards, a clear goal of manufacturing a product free of the horrid taste of plant matter despised by almost anyone who wasn’t a pot head before using cbd, and even avoided by many of us who were. We’ve never strayed from this motto! This is why CBDDY is not only Hood Certified with our cbd flower, but we’re Grandpa approved by the Grandpa who was having to chase his cbd with peanut butter & burp hemp oil all day. Yea, you !

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