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I use isolate for making my own salve and and oil. Relieves my ache, pains and helps with sleep. Great product and even greater price.

Jason Caskey
Awesome products

All my customers and clients love every product I have ordered. Shipping is fast, customer is great.

Very glad your customers love our products! We look forward to serving you again in the near future.


Love it. Just like I always get from here. Thank you so very much Chris!

Glad you always like our cbd flower Merle! It's a pleasure every time!

Delta 8 Thc Lollipop 50mg
James Teffeteller

The lollipops worked very well. I will buy again.

Thank you for the kind words. We strive to manufacture the best delta 8 products on the market.

Delta 8 Vape Carts
Colleen Monk

Delta 8 Vape Carts

Thank you for the review. We hope you continue to enjoy our delta 8 vape carts


Exactly what I hoped for and a better price than most.

We are happy that you enjoyed the cbd isolate as well as the pricing.

CBD Distillate 1G
Austin Ball

The Best EVER Fast Shipping, Product is AMAZING I Will be back !!

Great doing business with you Austin! Glad you enjoy the CBD Distillate liters.

Great product

Chris has the best D8 highly recommended.

Thanks for the business and trust David. We look forward to taking care of your delta 8 needs in the future.

Delta 8 Vape Carts
Jeff Holland
D8 carts

I caught a weekend sale on carts for 10$ each and picked up the slurricane and candyland and both are great, smooth terps! Thank you CBDDY

Nice to see you caught the delta 8 vape cart $10 sale! We look forward to supplying all of your delta 8 vape cart needs in the future.

Love it

Great product my fave delta 8 wax

We are happy that you were satisfied with the Delta 8 wax. We look forward to serving you in the future.

Delta 8 Vape Carts
Barbara Nace
Orange Cream

Great taste

The orange cream delta 8 cart is one of our favorites as well. Tastes like a orange creamsicle.


Dank and Drank is a hit. I Absolutely love it. Works well

Glad you enjoy the delta 8 lean Jason. I too favor it at night after work. As I'm sure you know first hand, you need to be where you want to stay before pouring up!

CBD Pain Stick
Megan Duganier
Great product!

This is used daily for my husband's back pain! We keep this in stock! Great product!

So glad our CBD Pain Stick works as well for you as it does for us. We are very proud of this product.

Tina Simmons

Love it

Glad you enjoyed the Delta 8 wax!

These Are The Real Thing!

If you have tried any other Delta 8 products, you might not be aware that many are simply "dipped" or "sprayed" with D8 distillate. This makes them not the most potent things you can buy.

These lollipops are actually INFUSED with D8 rather than just sprayed with it. In other words, it's mixed in with a measured dosage and they certainly do the job! You can tell a difference if you've tried other D8 products that just didn't do anything for you.

Give these a try! And oh yeah, they taste good too!

Thank you for the kind words my friend. This review is a very accurate explanation of what sets our Delta 8 lollipops apart from so many on the market. Thank you for sharing with the world, and thank you for your repeat business.

Intense Goo!!!Bursting With TERPENES!!!

This is absolutely the most amazing do I have had the privilege of dealing with shipped to my mailbox ever before! The flavors are unsurpassed! The terpenes and the profile in this is second to none! Thing for the book you cannot beat this stuff! I plan on getting way more and want a larger amount available when I purchase it! Thanks guys someone really did their homework with this product! Keep up the great work! Way to Glow team glow!

So glad you enjoy our delta 8 wax Shonya. We look forward to serving you in the future.

CBD Distillate 1G
Shonya Spier
Bursting With TERPENES!!!

Super Yummy n Gooey!!! Easy to work with!!! I want a Larger Size!!! Incredible flavor and aromas!!! I have been waiting on THIS all My Life!!!

Glad you enjoyed the cbd distillate. Can't wait to ship you more!

Delta 8 Vape Carts
Shonya Spier
Bursting With TERPENES!!!

Loving them All!!! BEST I EVER HAD!!!

Glad you enjoyed the premium delta 8 vape carts and we hope to send you more sooner than later!

Great price, quality product

Fast shipping best prices online for a great product straight from the source!

Yessir, we are the source for wholesale delta 8 vape carts. We are able to offer such great pricing simply because we are the manufacturer. We formulate and fill our delta 8 vape carts in house. We look forward to providing you with wholesale delta 8 vape carts again in the future.

Delta 8 Vape Carts
Aaron Chroniak
great cartridges

great flavor;really smooth!

Glad you enjoyed our delta 8 carts! Look forward to serving you more in the future!

Little jar with big kick n great taste

Buy one and you will be glad you did relaxing i don't have to take a blue pill for anxiety nature wins

So glad you enjoyed the delta 8 wax. Look forward to serving you more in the future.

Best delta 8 product on the market

Boy, these delta 8 lollipops are strong. I only ate half and couldn’t feel my face an hour later. Ordering more now!!

Yes, our delta 8 lollipops will smack you right in the face if you're not careful. I always suggest to eat 1/4, wait an hour or two to see the effect and then decide if you want to eat more.

Nice carts

My Pink Lemonade carts came in today. These are pretty tasty. Almost no terp burn and the flavor is accurate to the description. Tastes just like the famous Summertime beverage. The flavor is light, which I prefer. The effects are quite nice. Very heady but still motivated, clear. Some mild relaxing "body high" as well. Definitely seems to be a daytime strain thus far. All in all, these carts are definitely worth the money.

We strive to formulate the smoothest delta 8 carts on earth! Glad to see so you recognize and appreciate the smoothness.

Has the effect I am looking for.

Has the effect I am looking for. I use this product to enhance the effects of flower. Wonderful stuff!

Glad our delta 8 wax satisfied your needs. Look forward to serving you more in the future.

Delta 8 Thc

Awesome quality and got to me in just a few days

So glad you are pleased with the quality of the delta 8 distillate. We strive to ship orders at blazing speeds! Stay high my friend!