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Max Strength CBD Gummies

Max Strength CBD Gummies | CBD Gummies for Anxiety |

Experience real relaxation with CBDDY™ 50-Count Max Strength CBD Gummies. Each delicious CBD Gummy contains 30mg of premium CBD to support the most chaotic lifestyles.

CBDDY™ Max Strength CBD Gummy Info
• 30mg of CBD per Gummy
• 1,500mg of CBD per Bottle
• 3rd Party ISO Accredited Lab Tested


CBD Gummies

  • 30 Individually Infused Vegan CBD Gummies
  • Great for those who live an active on-the-go lifestyle
  • Vegan All Natural Ingredients
  • Users report more long lasting, all-day effects
  • Delicious!
*All CBD Products sold by CBDDY contain at or below .3% Δ-9-THC as defined by the Farm Bill

CBD Gummies Info

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Are you looking to buy bulk CBD gummies to display in your store but can’t figure out how to do it on  your own? Or perhaps, you are looking for a supplier that accepts a low quantity order? You’ve come to  the right place.  CBDDY is a premier provider of bulk CBD  gummies from Denver, Colorado.  We produce high-quality CBD gummies for business of all sizes.  Over the years, CBDDY has established a name as one of the best providers of bulk CBD gummies meeting the highest standards in the industry today.  Different from your traditional sweets, our products are infused with CBD oil designed to promote health and wellness to consumers. We offer tasty and chewy gummy bears containing CBD carefully extracted from our state of the art facility. We also specialize in providing vegan-friendly options. Our vegan-friendly CBD gummies are one of our best sellers given the growing vegan movement around the globe.  Why CBD Gummies?   A lot of people today rave about the benefits of CBD. CBD made it easier for the cannabis legalization movement to progress. And since then, CBD gummies have become quite popular.  According to studies, 85% of Americans have heard of CBD gummies and around 14% have tried CBD gummies. Looking at the numbers from a business standpoint, now is the perfect time to explore the CBD market. You can take advantage of this growing market and buy bulk Online CBD gummies.   Today, CBD is now an accepted staple in the health supplement market. A cannabinoid known […]

Delta 8 Hard Candy

Delta 8 Hard Candy | 10 Pieces In a Pack | CBDDY.COM

Sure, gummies are delicious, but many of us prefer hard candies that melt in the mouth.  That is why we created our Delta 8 Hard Candy, offering up that mouthwatering flavor that you can suck on as your sweet tooth swoons with delight.

10 Tastiest Delta 8 hard candies. Once you taste you will never forget us. Get yours today!


CBDDY offers steep discounts on bulk wholesale CBD purchases. We have full time trained wholesale cbd product specialists on staff. This allows for industry leading response times, typically within 2 hours if submitted during normal business hours. Inquiries submitted during non business hours will be responded to within 24 hours. Find out why so many […]