Seeking Experienced Cannabis Growers for Investment Opportunity

Seeking Experienced Cannabis Growers

Are you an experienced Smokable Cannabis Grower?



Want to grow Boutique Smokable CBD Flower this year?

On a tight budget?

We’d like to help a few growers out on the front end and in exchange for a percentage of the finished product.

CBDDY is seeking a handful of experienced cannabis cultivators. We would like to invest some clones to a few INDOOR CBD Hemp Flower growers this year. To qualify, applicant must meet the following requirements.

  • Prior Cannabis Cultivation Experience

            -(Exp. Can be Either licensed or Traditional, We don’t discriminate, you can actually use your traditional experience for this one)

  • In Place Grow Plan
  • Equipment to Grow
  • Location to Grow
  • Use Organic Nutrients
  • Grown for Smokable CBD Flower
  • Post harvest plan must include drying at proper temps and humidity
  • Trimming Method Must be Hand or Machine 
  • Curing Method Must be proper We’re not investing into dried ass hemp flower
  • Agree to a 60/40 split if your favor