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Hemp Buds - CBD Hemp Flower - CBD Trim and Shake Perfectly Cured - Colorado Grown - All Organic Practices Delta 9 Thc Compliant  Five Star Fire Ass Hemp Buds  Premium Hemp Bud Denver Colorado (303) 241-9791 Great News For All of Our Customers Who have made us the leading Hemp Bud Supplier in the United States! Premium Smokable High CBD Hemp Buds Direct From Denver Colorado. Keep in touch with us over the upcoming year. We're in process of setting up a indoor hemp grow, and we have rare exotic genetics en route. To top that off, we're in the works of bringing on a genetics expert to further customize exotic indoor smokable hemp bud genetics. All of our custom strains will be Delta 9 Thc Compliant, will contain breath taking terpene profiles that are incomparable to anything currently on the market. We've obtained capital to back this project already and planning is in the works. Currently 50% of what we will grow is pre spoken for by two of our regular bulk hemp bud customers who encouraged us to take this step. As always, on bulk contracts and close relationships will hold priority on stock as we scale this over the next year. Very limited Supply Keep in mind, this will be indoor, not greenhouse indoor but climate controlled, hand cared for exotic buds, they will be hand harvested, and perfectly cured and manicured by hand. Quality like this can only come in limited quantity. Over the course of the year we will be dialing in to achieve a small harvest every two weeks in order to have cured bud ready to fill your supply contract every two weeks. Our first goal will be to establish that. Once we achieve that we will then begin scaling this to meet more and more demand. Future Plans to Scale In two years we should be able to have harvested, cured, and trimmed 2,000lb of indoor exotic buds every month. Hire Us To Breed Your Own Compliant Hemp Bud Strain We will also have a limited opportunity to hire us to breed a custom hemp bud genetic that you can name yourself. This process typically takes 13 months to fully complete and will be very limited based on the feedback from our 19 year Multiple award winning Cannabis genetic expert. Again, this can scale as we establish it based on the demand of the industry.