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Getting the pain relief that you need is as simple as finding the right CBD flower to give it to you.  Our carefully selected hemp buds will be the ideal delivery method for this pain relief, and you’ll notice the difference as soon as you try it for yourself.  Why? These flowers are high in cannabidiol content which can be one of your best options for pain relief from natural sources.  

Each bud coming form an organically grown hemp flower from our partner in Colorado, this CBD flower will be able to offer fast, effective and non-addictive pain relief to the site that you need it most.  Carefully chosen when matured, our hemp buds are selected to offer each customer the richest CBD content possible in each bud.  

These hemp buds will come to you in packages of your choice of size and pain relief will be yours.  Sure to blow those pharmaceutical options out the park, this CBD flower is the real deal for comfort by your own terms.

Cbddy Wholesale CBD Hemp Buds

You will love hemp buds if you like to smoke. The taste and smell of the buds are so good, and buds also have very high-quality CBD.Package Hemp Bud in a pipe, roll and smoke or mix with your preferred herb! This is the most natural form of CBD and how CBD is grown before oil extraction. When you try, you won’t believe how amazing the CBD buds taste and smell!

What are CBD Hemp Buds?

The CBD buds are flowers from hemp plants. They are grown exclusively for very high cannabidiols and small concentrations of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

Hemp buds should not be mistaken for cannabis buds, which can cause psychoactive effects.

Hemp and cannabis are closely related. Both plants are of the same Cannabaceae family and belong to cannabis genus species. From a non-scientific point of view, it seems like they are the same or have the same effect at least. This common perception couldn’t be more erroneous


Product size: Each container contains 7g of Top Shelf Premium Hemp Buds

Product category: CBD Hemp Flower, Wholesale.

Excellent for a variety of other uses:

  • Making tea using standard infusion methods. Add a little milk or honey to help dissolve the fatty goodness into your brew.
  • Inhalations or aromatherapy tinctures and compresses.
  •  Add it to food or to add to your steam bath, face sauna.
  • Simmer in coconut oil to make creams for hands, body or hair therapy

100% Pure and Quality assured.

100% pure ingredients, nothing added.

Place of Origin: Colorado

Grown in the purest natural environment possible, surrounded by miles of open countryside and agricultural land.

NOTE: All products are tested for purity by a third-party laboratory that’s impartial to the company.

Why buy Wholesale CBD Hemp buds from us?

These CBD products are non-psychotoxic, safe and licensed strains. We use High CBD hemp to harvest cannabinoids and terpenes at some of the highest levels. Our products are popular in the CBD market due to the high quality and great price points.

Our CBD Hemp buds are made exclusively for each batch. They are screened independently for potency and toxins, giving consumers the best possible product.



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CBD Hemp Flower

Denver Hemp Pre Rolls