Taking CBD Dosage Basics to the Next Level

CBD Dosage Guides
Now that you have decided you want to take CBD to address your personal needs and goals, it’s time to understand how dosing works.  Because CBD is still pretty new, we are finally starting to see established guidelines regarding how much to take for specific purposes.  That is really not a problem, however, because cannabidiol is considered an interesting holistic approach to a daily regimen.

CBD Dosages: How to Make Sure You are Taking the Right Amount

Now, with all that being said, the question still remains, how do you know how much CBD to take?  Unfortunately, the answer is not as simple as you might have hoped.  That’s why we have some awesome tips and advice that will allow you to get the most out of your CBD dosing experience.

Tell Your Doctor

First things first: Before you start taking CBD, it is suggested that you inform your doctor.  That is because your doctor will want to know what you’re taking, and they will also likely have some suggestions for you.  If your doctor happens to have a good amount of knowledge regarding cannabinoids in general, then they might even be able to help you figure out how much to take.

Follow All of the Directions

Every CBD product should come with directions on its packaging.  These directions are general guidelines.  Still, they can help you get an idea of what a standard dose is supposed to look like.  We strongly recommend that the first time you take a hemp product, you follow the directions provided by the manufacturer.

Note the Milligram Strength

Remember that every CBD product has its own strength.  This strength refers to the concentration of cannabidiol that is in the product’s formula.  It is measured by milligrams.  Many manufacturers/companies make products available in a wide range of milligrams so that the user can decide how much CBD they want to get out of a single dose. Obviously, the CBD strength has a lot to do with how much you should take.  It should go without saying that the higher the concentration, the less you will need, while the lower the concentration, the more you’ll likely need. However, it is always recommended that you start with a lower concentration and work your way up.  That is mainly because CBD can be a bit pricey, and there is no need to invest in a high-concentration product if you do not have to, as usually, the higher the concentration, the higher the price.

Ask Yourself Why You are Taking CBD

Before determining how much your dosage should be, it is important to know exactly what you want out of your CBD experience such as: 
  • Are you taking it for mild stress on busy workdays?
  • Are you dealing with certain issues that traditional methods/medications simply aren’t helping with to treat?
  • Are you taking it because you have the occasional headache or because chronic migraines are a part of your life?
The more severe your symptoms, the higher the dosage level should be.  That is because severe symptoms may indicate a cannabinoid deficiency in the body, meaning that the body will respond to a higher amount of cannabidiol. The sad reality is that many people who claim that CBD does not work just weren’t taking a high enough dose.  Maybe they suffer from fibromyalgia and went with a low-concentration gummy candy.  That low concentration probably will not be sufficient enough to provide widespread, long-lasting relief.

Consider Which Type of Product is Going to Be Used

Today, the CBD market consists of a wide range of products that each affect the body differently.  Each type of product requires a different dosage level.
  • Tinctures: Available in a wide range of concentrations, flavors, etc., they are held under the tongue for one minute before being swallowed.  While it’s held under the tongue, it absorbs into the bloodstream through the tissue of the mouth.  Typically, one full dropper of a CBD tincture counts as a single dose.
  • Capsules: These get swallowed, meaning that the cannabidiol must travel through the digestive tract before reaching the bloodstream after being processed by the liver.  This means that a CBD capsule will take longer to take effect.  Typically, one or two capsules a day is sufficient.
  • Edibles: Like a CBD capsule, a CBD-infused edible first travels through the digestive tract.  Because every edible has a different CBD concentration, follow the manufacturer’s instructions before taking it.  Also, give it about an hour before taking another one as edibles can take a while to start working.
  • Vape Oil/Carts: Come in a wide array of concentrations.  They tend to take effect very quickly because they enter the bloodstream almost instantaneously.  Unlike most CBD products out there, CBD vape oils and cartridges vary in dosage level because of how they are taken.  Because they are so fast-acting, the user typically takes a series of puffs until they get the relief that they want.
  • Shatter/Wax: Both are CBD isolates that also have the similar comparisons of being used in dabbing, being vaped/smoked, and having an amber-like yellowish color to them. It’s only by leaving a cannabis concentrate untouched that it develops into a shatter rather than a wax.
  • Flower:  Available in different grams and CBD percentages, as well as being infused with terpenes and other strains, these are simply cannabis buds that help people feel simply blissful without feeling out-of-their-mind high.
  • Topicals: Unique in that they only provide relief to the area in which they are applied.  That being said, CBD topical solutions vary in terms of dosage level based on the concentration of CBD as well as the other ingredients that are in the product.  Generally, a liberal amount massaged into the affected area can provide relief that lasts for hours.
  • Delta 8 Vape Carts: Delta 8 THc Distillate with botanical terpenes. 

Things All CBD Users Should Keep in Mind

Now that you have a better idea of the types of products and delivery methods out there, as well as what to do before using CBD now we can get into what you should know while applying or consuming CBD.

Be Prepared to Experiment

Everyone’s body is different, meaning that no two people will be affected in an identical manner by the same amount of CBD.  This applies to any type of medicine.  So, take notice that you might spend some time experimenting with your dosage level before you find that it is giving you the effects that you want.

You Cannot Overdose

As of now, there have been no reported cases of death by CBD overdose.  CBD is nontoxic and identical to a compound that is naturally produced by the body.  Hence, do not be afraid to increase your dose because you think it will cause bodily harm.

The Higher the Quality, the More Effective

Keep in mind that a high-quality CBD product will likely give you more of what you desire at a lower dose.  Low-quality CBD products may contain filler agents and ingredients that counteract the potential benefits of cannabidiol.   Additionally, low-quality CBD products may be lacking in potency, meaning that they will not be highly effective at all.

It Might Take Time

For some people, CBD needs to accumulate in the body before it begins to have those preferred effects.  So, take your CBD daily for a few weeks before evaluating its effects.  If you’re still not seeing relief, increase the dosage level by a small amount until you are satisfied.

Timing Matters

When you are actually taking your CBD might have to do with how much it affects you as well.  For instance, consuming CBD for sleep; make sure that you take the product shortly before bedtime.  That is because high doses of CBD in the morning will likely be out of your system by the time, you’re ready to go to bed.

Proper CBD Dosing Does Matter

Taking CBD can provide you with incredible euphoria, but you will not experience much effectiveness if you’re not taking the proper dosage level.  That is why this guide can help you determine how much to take in order to experience the bliss that you desire. Also, in order to calculate your exact dosage, click on this link here.

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