What are the Benefits of Buying Locally at Our CBD Store?

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As the CBD industry has grown over the last several years, it’s become simpler to find high-quality hemp goods in all kinds of forms, concentration levels, formulas and more. The online CBD market is booming like never before, offering a huge selection of products that are great for incorporating into one’s daily routine.

But, so often, consumers desire a more personal touch when shopping for products that pertain to their wellness. That’s why we maintain our brick-and-mortar shop in Greely, Colorado, where people all over the state come to visit us to learn more about CBD, check out our exceptional products and get personalized advice pertaining to using hemp for specific goals.


Buying locally is always a great way to go, and so we encourage you to visit our Greely flagship store if you’re in the area. As you’ll see, our store has a lot to offer to those who prefer to shop for cannabidiol in person.

Fast, Friendly Service

Buying online has many advantages that can’t be denied, mainly dealing with convenience. But still, nothing can take the place of in-person interactions with friendly and knowledgeable staff. CBD is a unique type of industry in which much of the general public still has a lot of questions regarding how it’s used and how it works. Shopping for cannabidiol in person allows customers to form relationships with employees, in which they can ask about individual products as well as their specific concerns that they hope to address with hemp. Our fast, friendly service simply can’t be beat, and our staff is always available to discuss customers’ questions and concerns at length.

In-Store Pickup

In-store pickup is available to those who enjoy the convenience of shopping online but still want to enjoy the human touch of in-person shopping. This means that if you know what you want from our inventory, you can easily purchase it online and come on down to our brick-and-mortar store, where you can ask our highly educated employees about the best means for using these products to reach your goals.

Educative Staff

When you come into our store, you won’t just find a wide variety of top-shelf CBD products from which to choose. You’ll find a highly educated team of employees who are committed to sharing everything that they know about what hemp can do for you, and how to use individual formulas to the best of your advantage. We go above and beyond to train our staff on everything related to CBD and the hemp plant so that you will have every single question answered, whether it relates to whether or not a certain product can help you with your ailment, or how much of a product you should take per day to increase the chances of experiencing the results that you’re desiring. 

In fact, the training programs that we have developed for our employees are some of the most comprehensive in the industry. We know that a lot of people want to try CBD but have a lot of questions regarding its safety, proper usage and so on. We have made sure that our team has a level of expertise that makes even complete hemp beginners feel as comfortable buying and taking CBD as possible.

Top-Rated Products

Of course, the major key to our success is the products, which are as high in quality as they get. The CBD world is getting more competitive than ever before, and we’re proud to offer some of the finest hemp goods throughout the industry. 

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You may already know that not all CBD products are created equally. To create a product that is as pure and effective as possible, companies must utilize the most up-to-date extraction and purification methods, and must carefully source their hemp plant material to ensure that it’s rich in the compounds that are considered desirable. Further, all CBD products should undergo rigorous testing via a third-party, with lab reports being returned to the company so that they may be shared with the general public to verify the quality from an unbiased source. 

CBDDY’s hemp goods are lab-tested and have been produced using only the best techniques that exist. This is why the products we sell have such a stellar reputation throughout Colorado.

Handicapped Parking

We recognize the unique needs of the disabled community, and we recognize that a good number of our customers suffer from some form of chronic pain. We made sure that we provide an adequate amount of handicapped parking so that those who have some type of handicap are able to access our shop easily.


We at CBDDY support our local LGBTQ community and recognize the unique challenges this community faces as a result of discrimination. We absolutely refuse to discriminate and offer a welcoming environment to all.

Card Payments

Some CBD companies do not accept cards due to difficulties obtaining third-party processing. You’ll be pleased to find that this is simply not the case in our store. We offer standard card payments so that you can purchase your goods without having to carry around cash.

Crypto Payments

We also offer crypto payments, knowing that many consider this to be a far more convenient means for paying for our hemp products. 

Come Visit Us Today!

At CBDDY, we have done everything to ensure that every customer who comes into our store walks away with incredible knowledge and insight, while knowing confidently that they have selected the best product(s) for their needs. 

If you’re in Colorado, we encourage you to come visit us and see our exceptional product line in person, while getting to know our friendly staff along the way.

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