What is CBD distillate

What is CBD distillate

CBD isolates and full-spectrum CBD are two popular names in the cannabis industry, and they are quickly becoming a household name in most parts of the world. Surely you must have heard these names at least once before now. Another name we are sure you must have come across while scouring the internet is CBD distillates. Like CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD, this product is quickly gaining traction in the cannabis industry, and for good reasons. One such reason is the fact that CBD distillate is more refined than some of its CBD counterparts.

But as you’ll come to learn on this page, CBD distillate is more than just a sophisticated name. This unique CBD extract is said to contain 80% CBD, and its chemical network is rich with other cannabinoids, terpenes, and plant oils. Hence, why some people refer to CBD distillates as a full-spectrum product. But regardless of how similar they are to CBD isolates and full-spectrum CBD, the trio are different and shouldn’t be mistaken for each other. Below is a quick recap of all the CBD variants that are available in the market today and what you stand to gain by using them.

What is CBD distillate

CBD distillates 

CBD distillates are highly improved hemp extracts with a honey-like consistency. They are odorless, tasteless, and free of impurities. Most CBD distillates available in the market are derived from high grown hemp flowers (that is, hemp flowers with high concentrations of CBD) and hemp biomass. Nevertheless, they can be derived from the cannabis Sativa plant. The major factor that differentiates CBD distillates from other CBD variants out there, is the high amount of CBD grains they tend to contain. Depending on the extraction method, brand, and hemp plant used, you can get up to 80% CBD in premium CBD distillates. Even in the typical CBD distillates, you’ll get 60% plus CBD, which usually adds up to 80% when you factor in other minor cannabinoids contained in the CBD distillates. CBD distillates are also known to contain terpenes and other helpful plant oils, which makes them perfect for your daily CBD needs.

CBD distillates can be refined further to generate pure and more effective cannabidiol crystals known as CBD isolates. With this type of CBD extract, you can get up to 99.5 percent or more CBD in the bottle. Although each CBD product is slightly different from the next, a typical CBD distillate can offer quick relief from a range of ailments we are facing in the world today. Besides, due to the densely concentrated ingredients of the CBD distillate, you won’t need much to feel the effect of CBD in your body. But before you go out there and buy the first CBD distillate that comes your way, you should know that there is more than one category of CBD distillates. By understanding the different categories of CBD and how they compare to each other, you make the right decision for your CBD distillate. The popular types of CBD include;

Full-spectrum CBD 

Full-spectrum CBD is one of the most renowned forms of cannabidiol. It is often marketed as “whole-plant” or “full-spectrum because it contains all the terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids of hemp, including the infamous THC. Although the full spectrum is not as heavily refined as the CBD distillate, it is potent for alleviating sickness and diseases. The major line of difference between the CBD distillate and full-spectrum CBD is in the concentration of CBD in the bottle. The concentration of CBD is usually more pronounced in the CBD distillate, but the full spectrum makes up for this with other cannabinoids contained in the bottle. If you want to enjoy the benefits of all the other cannabinoids present in the hemp plant, you should consider getting the full-spectrum CBD oil. It is rich with CBD, terpenes, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and other hemp compounds. Because of the wide array of terpenes, cannabinoids, and minerals contained in the full spectrum CBD, it can execute the entourage effect on users.

The entourage effect is a mechanism that defines the synergistic interaction of cannabinoids, terpenes, and minerals of hemp with the human body. In layman’s terms, the entourage effect is what happens when all the various cannabinoids in hemp work together to establish a more significant benefit. Though conclusive evidence on why the entourage effect is the best way to experience the benefits of hemp are underway, researchers believe that the cannabinoids and terpenes of hemp work better together than they do when used separately.

On the other side, full-spectrum CBD is more likely to have impurities than CBD isolates, and CBD distillates. This is because the full-spectrum CBD does not go through the intense extraction process that CBD distillates and CBD isolates go through. Therefore they are not as heavily refined. On top of that, full-spectrum CBD has an earthy taste to it, which makes it less palatable for consumption. Not to talk of the tiny amounts of THC lining its chemical network.

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THC-free distillate or Broad-spectrum CBD 

Broad-spectrum CBD is gradually becoming the rising star of the cannabis industry, and it’s all thanks to the minimal amounts of THC it offers. If you want to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids of hemp, without worrying about THC getting in the way of your joy, this product is for you. Unlike the full spectrum CBD that offers all the cannabinoids and terpenes of hemp with trace amounts of THC, the broad spectrum CBD is devoid of THC. Simply put, the broad spectrum CBD is the highly refined alternative to the full spectrum CBD.

But while the Broad spectrum provides a cleaner and more refined CBD experience, it is not as effective as the full spectrum CBD. Why? Because it lacks the entourage effect of the full spectrum CBD. Nevertheless, it is the ideal extract for the working men and women who want to bring CBD to work. The broad-spectrum CBD is completely free of THC. Thus it is impossible to detect marijuana in your urine, hair, or saliva samples when you need to pass a drug test at work.

Due to the lack of THC compound in the Broad-spectrum CBD, it is easier to transport and requires little or no legal certification for its purchase. Therefore you can enjoy the benefits of CBD without worrying about the law or the CBD showing up on your drug test. This brings us to the purest type of CBD; the CBD isolate.

CBD isolate 

This is the purest form of cannabidiol and it is devoid of all impurities and additives. CBD isolate is sold in stores as a white powdery substance that users place under their tongues before swallowing it. CBD isolates are odorless and tasteless and they can produce up to 99.5% concentration of CBD.

Because of this purity, CBD isolates are devoid of any cannabinoid, terpenes, and minerals. So don’t expect to experience the entourage effect with this CBD extract.

What is CBD distillate


Despite the difference between CBD isolates, CBD distillates, full-spectrum CBD, and broad-spectrum CBD, they are all great products. So take your time to choose the perfect one for your needs

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