Buy Hemp Bud Wholesale Bulk in Greeley Colorado

It’s not a secret, Colorado is the CBD Hemp Flower Capital of the world. Many travel over a thousand miles to ensure their Premium Hemp Flower is safely obtained.

Most have half of a plan when they start out on the journey to Greeley Colorado, in search of Smokable CBD flower.

Premium Smokable CBD Hemp Flower

Have you found yourself in Colorado with a plan that fell through once you arrived?

I personally have numerous times, which led me to relocating CBDDY to Colorado.

If this is your current situation, and you are stuck all the way out in Colorado in search of top shelf hemp buds, I have some great news!

CBDDY CBD is confident that we have the absolute Best Hemp Flower in Colorado that we are giving away free pre-rolls in our retail store to prove it! While supplies last you can claim a free premium hemp flower pre roll. CBDDY doesn’t make claims that we can’t back! We know after you indulge in one of our premium cbd rich pre rolls, you will be back to purchase a bag soon.


CBDDY Hemp Buds Will Raise Your Standards Forever

  1. FROSTEDLIME PTGreenhouse or indoor Climate Control Grown
  2. Seedless or Very Few Seed
  3. Hand Trimmed
  4. Cured to Perfection
  5. On Staff Master Grower Who Worked for a large dispensary chain in Colorado
  6. Farm Bill Compliant Bud
  7. High Terpene Profiles
  8. We don’t sell hemp that smells like  Hay or smells like nothing at all!



So, if you are looking for CBD Hemp Flower in Greeley Colorado, it would be worth your while to visit CBDDY CBD Store in the Westlake Plaza Shopping Center.

2124 35th Ave.
Greeley, CO 80634