Why Should Your Shop Carry CBN and CBG Distillate

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Why Should Your Shop Carry CBN and CBG Distillate?

Any business owner who specializes in hemp-derived goods knows how important it is to stay on top of emerging trends throughout the industry, as these do present themselves as massive opportunities. One trend that we are seeing grow at a rapid pace is that of cannabinoid distillates, and primarily ones that contain CBN and CBG. Both minor cannabinoids have gotten quite a bit of attention throughout 2020, and it seems that distillates are quickly becoming the preferred means for delivering them into the body.

We’ll explain what distillates are, why CBN and CBG options are so hot on the market right now, and the ways to utilize this trend to bring the biggest profits into your business while offering an edge over other companies.

What is Distillate?

Distillate is simply the result of distilling the hemp plant material in order to produce a concentrated vapor containing mainly a singular compound that is deemed desirable. The distillation process involves applying controlled amounts of steam to the plant, and purifying it repeatedly until what’s left behind is about 90% or more of the desired compound.

Distillate is unique from isolates, which isolate the compound as a secondary process following a standard extraction that usually revolves around the use of pressurized CO2. The vaporization process allows for more potency and offers a unique way to create what is essentially a concentrate not too different from waxes and other products that are taking over the market nowadays.

Distillates are extremely pure, but they are rarely 100% pure. The good thing is that the non-cannabinoid compounds are terpenes, which many do view as beneficial, while also being capable of boosting the absorption of cannabinoids into the body through synergy.

CBN and CBG Distillates: Why They’re Growing in Popularity

CBN and CBG distillates are especially popular on the hemp market today, which makes sense to anyone who has been keeping up with growing trends throughout the industry. CBN and CBG are two minorly occurring cannabinoids, standing for cannabinol and cannabigerol respectively, which are present in standard hemp goods like tinctures, vape oils and anything else that contains a full or broad spectrum extract.

However, CBN and CBG both have unique properties that are more noticeable when the compounds are taken in a concentrated manner, as one would assume. CBN is associated with sleep and stress relief, being a uniquely calming cannabinoid. Then, CBG seems to have anti-inflammatory activity that’s quite unique and useful. Furthermore, CBG may offer mood-boosting effects as well.

As more consumers educate themselves on the hemp plant, they find themselves eager to explore a wider array of cannabinoids in the hemp plant, knowing how each one plays a role in maintaining the body’s endocannabinoid system. 

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Today’s researchers are exploring hemp at a faster pace than ever before, and the general public is reading up on the unique effects of individual hemp compounds. As a result, the demand is growing very fast for more specialized hemp products that focus on cannabinoids that aren’t CBD, and CBN, and CBG are at the forefront right now.

Therefore, offering CBN and CBG distillates in your place of business, whether it be online or in a brick and mortar environment, can provide a huge competitive edge by offering something that is quickly growing in demand, but remains limited in supply in terms of where it’s available.

How CBN and CBG Distillates are Used

CBN and CBG distillates can be used in a number of ways. They can be vaporized or smoked like standard concentrates, which require a dab rig or dab pen to vaporize properly. They can also be cooked with, used sublingually and even massaged into the skin. 

This current market offers pure distillates as well as products infused with distillates, and it’s wise to check out the full variety that is available, knowing that each hemp enthusiast has their own preferred delivery method, concentration and so on. Today’s hemp users are more interested in personalizing their experiences with cannabinoids, so the wider the variety of products you offer, the better your reputation will be.

Why Shops Should Carry CBN and CBG Distillates

Ultimately, the goal of any hemp business owner is to offer products that satisfy the demands of CBD enthusiasts. And, the market is diversifying and expanding faster than ever before, which means that with such an array of unique formulas available, companies offering only a small selection of standard CBD products like gummies and tinctures are falling behind, and missing out on huge growth opportunities.

There’s no doubt that cannabinoid distillates will boom further throughout the new year, which is why the time to capitalize on this trend is now. Offering these products before your competitors will not only allow you to profit off of the trend, but will inform customers that you’re the company that knows what is hot in the CBD world, and so customers will continue to come back to you to see what else you have in store.

What Should You Know Before Selecting Your Products?

Of course, like all hemp products, it’s important that the CBN and CBG distillates you provide are lab-tested by a third party, as this has become something that customers have come to expect. It’s also crucial that you are transparent about how the products are made and are knowledgeable enough to explain to customers how they work, what to expect and how they should be used for the best possible results.

Both CBN and CBG distillate products are going to be selling faster than ever before as they continue to grow in popularity. Therefore, this is an exceptional opportunity to take your sales to a whole new level.

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