High Plainz Strains Dispensary Review on Grape Ape ?

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A Comprehensive Review of Grape Ape Strain 

Grape Ape is gaining a lot of popularity among vendors and marijuana users. The sweet fruity taste, health benefits, and fair pricing give this marijuana strain an edge over others in the market. So what makes Grape Ape the ultimate choice? To answer this question, here are vital things to note about the strain.

What is Grape Ape?

Grape Ape

Grape Ape is a hybrid indica strain obtained from the crossbreed of Original Afghani, Mendocino Purps, and Skunk. The combination of these strains gives Grape Ape a fruity taste. It is also worth noting that Grape Ape has a THC level of 18-22%. The high potency is enough to provide you with head-high effects instantly. Are you a sucker for evening movies? Grape Ape can keep you company throughout the session. 

About Grape Ape: Flavor, Appearance, and Aroma

Grape Ape is renowned for its sweet flavor with a fruity taste. The strain has a strong potency, which means you don’t have to take a lot of it to get high. 

The Grape Ape strain has a unique appearance, boasting of large and dense buds, which translates to a high yield. First, the strain is one of the tallest in the list of marijuana plants. Second, the buds sport large buds with highly productive trichomes. The leaves are purple, although they get darker before harvesting. 

Do you love your pot decorated with a touch of berries and candy? Then Grape Ape is the ideal choice. The strain also gives an irresistible aroma of skunk and hash. The sweet aroma makes this strain indispensable, hence the darling to many marijuana lovers. 

Grape Ape: Cultivation

Grape Ape Weed

Cultivating Grape Ape is an art. It requires resilience and a deep understanding of the growing requirements. First, you can cultivate Grape Ape indoors or outdoors. Growing this marijuana outdoors makes it resistant to disease and pests. Yields from Grape Ape, which is grown outdoor, are high. 

When growing Grape Ape indoors, it is advisable to trim lateral branches. Another thing to consider when growing Grape Ape is trimming the broad leaves to increase the quality of flower buds by allowing penetration of sunlight to the sugar leaves. Grape Ape does not grow beyond 4ft when cultivated indoors. The low height and trimmed lateral leaves increase the overall yield of Grape Ape. On average, one square foot of the Grape Ape yields up to 74gms. It is one of the highly productive marijuana strains. 

Chemical Composition of Grape Ape Strain


  • THC Content: Highest Test


The Grape Ape is revered for the high THC levels. Averaging between 18 and 21% THC levels, this is the best choice for pot users. Due to the high THC potency levels, it is advisable for new users to start small to avoid overdosing.


  • CBD Content: Highest Test


A marijuana plant that contains high THC levels record low amounts of CBD, and Grape Ape is not an exception. The CBD levels oscillate between 0.6% and 1%. 

Medical Benefits of Grape Ape Cannabis 

Grape Ape can be used for medicinal purposes in addition to recreational purposes. Grape Ape is a viable option for people looking for recreation and therapeutic combo. Here are some of the medicinal health benefits of Grape Ape marijuana strain:


  • Suppression of insomnia


Forget about the “head-high” effects that are associated with many marijuana strains. Grape Ape has sedative properties. A single joint is enough to calm and give you enough sleep, which is recommended by health experts. Due to higher levels of CBN which is the cannabinoid that makes you sleepy. More information on CBN can be found here https://www.medicaljane.com/2013/08/19/cannabinol-cbn-will-put-you-to-bed/


  • Management of chronic pain


Several experiments have confirmed that Grape Ape is an excellent remedy for chronic pain. Applying a Grape Ape topical after an injury has proved to be the best solution for athletes. Similarly, arthritis patients can also use this strain to suppress chronic pain and inflammation. According to information found at wikileaf. https://www.wikileaf.com/strain/grape-ape/

Side Effects of Grape Ape Strain

The common side effects of using Grape Ape include: 


  • Cottonmouth


At the onset of using Grape Ape, you are likely to experience dry lips and mouth. This might result in acute thirst. 


  • Nervousness


You are likely to become nervous from the euphoria when starting. The nervousness mainly results from the high THC levels. 



  • Long-lasting effects


When you take Grape Ape marijuana, the effects last for a long time. For instance, taking the Grape Ape suppresses anxiety disorders and chronic pain completely. Similarly, the sedative features in the Grape Ape strain mitigates insomnia, giving you a long and sound sleep. 


  • Well-trimmed buds


The flower buds from Grape Ape are trimmed well to maintain the sexy shape and THC levels. After harvesting, the excess water is allowed to drain before trimming. This prevents water from sweet leaves from seeping into the buds. The extra care applied to the buds makes them easy to roll into a joint or prepare into other forms before consumption.


  • Therapeutic effects


Grape Ape contains several therapeutic effects, giving it an edge over other marijuana strains. Suppression of chronic pain, anxiety disorders, and increased relaxed euphoria make Grape Ape the ultimate solution to major health issues. Instead of using prescription drugs alone, you can Grape Ape to increase their efficiency. 



  • Cottonmouth


Cottonmouth is a common side effect of using Grape Ape. Cottonmouth brings discomfort to the lips and tongue. 


  • Straining during the day


Grape Ape is best suited for evening sessions after a busy day or during the weekends. The sedative features on Grape Ape might cause a lazy-like effect, making concentration hard. This might have a direct impact on a day’s performance. The nervousness might also affect concentration, reducing productivity. 

Verdict on Grape Ape Strain

The sweet flavor, high yields, and potency make Grape Ape one of the best marijuana strains. The three strains give the strain the potent nature, making it a favorite among marijuana users. However, cottonmouth and sedative effects might cause discomfort and concentration. In comparison, Grape Ape has more pros than cons. Every marijuana user should have it on their bucket list of strains to try out. 

Highland Plainz Strains and Dispensary and Grape Ape

Highland Plainz is the number one source for Grape Ape strain. The strain is cultivated organically and as a result, yields high THC levels. Besides, the products are fairly priced, and therefore you can choose the one that fits your budget. Located in different areas of Colorado, Highland Plainz is the ultimate choice for anyone looking for the best Grape Ape strain. 

Pros and cons of Grape Ape


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High Plainz Strains Dispensary Review on Grape Ape ?






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  • Long-lasting effects
  • Well-trimmed buds
  • Therapeutic effects


  • Cottonmouth
  • Smoking during the day
  • Couch Lock

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