CBD Gummies Dosage Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Can cbd gummies get you high?

CBD Gummies Dosage Guide: Everything You Need to Know

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Anyone who has taken a drug before knows that they taste bitter. If taking CBD capsules or medicine, scared the shit out of you. Then we have great news for you!!! You can try CBD gummies to meet your daily requirement of CBD dose.


CBD gummies taste like candy, and you won’t feel you are taking a drug with a pungent smell or taste anymore. Since they taste like candy, it is confusing to know the exact dosage you need to treat different ailments you may have.


In this article, we want to educate you on CBD gummies dosage. That way, when you buy one next time, you know precisely the dose you need to take. Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s look at:


What Is CBD Gummies?


If this is the first time, you hear the word CBD gummies, then you are wondering what exactly it is, what they do, and whether they have any side effects. First, CBD exists in many forms. You can either take it in oil, vaping, capsules, or creams. Edibles like gummies are one way of ingesting CBD into your body. These are edible candies filled with Cannabidiol (CBD) oil.


Gummies are like sweets. Most of the CBD gummies taste like sweet fruits, and they come in the form of gummy bears, fruit gummy, or sour gummy. Best of all, you will also find them in rainbow flavors, shapes, and colors. While the doctor may tell you to forgo sweets, the only difference here is that these have health benefits. CBD gummies are excellent for anyone who wants to get the benefit of CBD in their body.


Gummies provide a discreet way of taking the CBD supplement. Since the FDA does not regulate most CBD supplements, its purity will vary from company to company. What that means is, you can’t be sure you are getting the best thing.


Are there any health benefits of using CBD gummies as opposed to other forms of CBD?


A lot of companies that sell CBD gummies claim it relieves the pain, depression, anxiety, and improves sleep. Even a CBD product such as Epidolex has been approved in the treatment of Epilepsy by the FDA.

However, studies show that CBD is effective when used in oil form but not gummies. Also, there’s little scientific evidence to show that gummies work. But we won’t deny the fact that some people report their effectiveness daily compared to other forms of CBD.

What Are the Side Effects of Edibles (CBD Gummies)?


We will be blunt on this one. Taking CBD edibles like gummies won’t hurt you. But it undergoes a different transformation once it gets into your body. When you eat CBD gummies, most of what you eat goes into the toilet. What that means is, the effect of what’s leftover is little and takes time to kick in.


CBD gummies and edibles have a lot of isolate in them. That’s why you must check the labels to know what you are eating.


Quick side notes: We are not here to discourage you from eating CBD gummies or edibles. But we believe that many of us could benefit without taking it with sugar or junk food. Junk food ingredients won’t benefit your health even if it has CBD in it.


So what’s the best way of ingesting CBD?


You will get the bang of your money when you buy a full broad-spectrum CBD oil, tonic, or tincture. These forms won’t taste like candy, but they are effective and get into your body faster.

When CBD in this form goes straight to the bloodstream bypassing all the digestive processes in the body. Our advice is for you to stick with clean, pure CBD products. Remember that most gummies have lots of sugar to sugar to hide the taste of CBD.


Why Use CBD Gummies?


We’ve just shared with you why we recommend CBD oil in place of CBD gummies. But we also acknowledge that not everyone has an “iron taste.” Some people don’t prefer the bitter taste of cannabis.


What we’ve realized is, many prefer CBD gummies. One of the chief reasons is the taste. They taste delicious. People use them as snacks while also enjoying the benefits of CBD. With gummies, you will also control the CBD dosage you take.


For example, most gummies come in 10 to 25 mg of CBD. If you need a 100mg of CBD per day, it means you can take ten gummies in a day to get the dosage. This is the exact opposite if you use other forms like oil. You can’t know how many milligrams a drop has. People that are not used to vaping or oil will enjoy eating CBD gummy with no problem. 


What You Need to Consider Before Taking CBD Gummies Dosage?


Before you buy any CBD dosage, there are some factors you need to know, which affects how you will take the gummies:


  • Factor #1: Concentration- It is the strength of the amount of CBD in a product. Units for measuring concentration are in milligrams (mg). Concentration and dosage are two different things. Dosage is measured in serving. For example, if a dosage of tincture is 2500mg as the concentration and 32 millimeters (mL) as per serving. What that means is, 1 mL has 50mg of CBD. Here, the consumer is not ingesting the 2500 dosage.


  • Factor #2: Body Weight-Your weight determines how much or little CBD you can take. Heavy or overweight people will take a high dosage to enjoy the full benefit of CBD. Light people will take a lower dose.


  • Factor #3: Desired Effects- If you have chronic pain like arthritis, you will need to take a higher dose to limit the pain or discomfort. Whereas if you have a mild condition, you can take a lower dose.


  • Factor #4: Tolerance- If you have been taking CBD for some time, chances are, you have developed tolerance to the drug, and that’s why you are not feeling the same effects. A case like this will need you to increase the dosage so you get the desired outcomes.


Here is a table showing you the starting dose depending on your weight


                                            Medical Condition

Weight in Pound Light Mild Chronic
Less than 130 Less than 11mg 12-14mg 15-17mg
130-230 Less than 18mg 19-23mg 24-27mg
More than 230 22-23mg 24-30mg 32-42mg


How Many CBD Gummies Should You Eat?

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A typical CBD gummy has between 1mg to 100mg of CBD. Most of the CBD gummies will have between 5mg to 30mg. It is so easy to know the exact dosage you need to take and the serving since they are listed on the product.


However, if you are a first-time buyer with no critical medical condition, start with a small dose like 10mg per day. What this means is, if you have a concentration of 25mg per serving, your optimum CBD gummies dosage is half the edible.


You can increase the dosage with time. If you have critical health conditions, you may need to seek medical advice before you take any high dosage of CBD. Taking at least 10 to 25mg of CBD is the best starting point. This dosage is ideal for relieving you against stress and prevent any potential illness.


CBD Gummies Dosage for Pain

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One of the chief reasons people buy CBD is to alleviate pain. Research states that CBD can heal severe illness such as strains, aches, or physical discomfort. The CBD compound has cannabinoid receptors, which reduces pain in the body, therefore, speeding the recovery process and lessening the pain. Taking at least 15 to 25 grams of CBD gummies will reduce pain. With a 500mg of CBD gummies, you will last with it over a month. The dosage of gummies depends on the symptoms you have. Remember CBD is safe, depending on any amount you wish to take. 


CBD Gummies Dosage for Anxiety

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Anxiety is a medical condition most people face. Studies have shown that CBD reduces anxiety symptoms and some disorders. According to the research, a high dosage of CBD numbs anxiety symptoms. One study found that 600mg of CBD reduces social anxiety.

The ideal dosage, in this case, is between 100mg to 600mg.

Well, this depends on the symptoms you are facing. The good news is, you can Buy CBD gummies in containers of 1000mg or 3000mg.



CBD Gummies Dosage for Seizures


A seizure is a condition common with Epilepsy patients. While we agree that other types of Epilepsy are problematic to treat, studies show that taking CBD reduces seizures. Best of all, it can eliminate the condition in some patients. To treat seizures, you will need a high dose of CBD gummies. Studies reveal that 25mg of CBD can reduce the effect of seizures. Other studies suggest that epileptic patients take at least 200 to 300mg of CBD per day. That said,  the CBD gummies dosage for seizures will always be served in a 3000mg jar.


CBD Gummies Dosage for Sleep

CBDDY ALl you have to lose is your anxiety and pain.


If you have insomnia or any sleeping disorder, you will need a high dosage of CBD gummies. CBD comes with sedative effects which will calm and make you sleep. In low doses, it can reduce the dream recall and mental alertness in the morning. Studies show the CBD assists patients having REM sleep behavior disorder and daytime fatigue. As for the exact dosage, we believe at least 160mg of CBD is vital for treating sleep-related disorders. But, if you take a small dose, it will help. The great thing about CBD gummies is that they come in 10mg serving, which is easy to control.


CBD Gummies Dosage for Depression


Many people die each year because of depression. The good news is, CBD has positive effects for people with depression and any mental health challenges. The ideal dosage for depression is between 7 to 30 grams of CBD per kg of body weight. The dosage will treat depression within 30 minutes, and the effect will last for a week. Just like anxiety, the high dose will tackle the symptoms fast. If you will buy CBD gummies, a 3000mg jar will provide you with all the CBD you need.


is CBD Gummies Legal?


CBD gummies are legal, but it depends on where it is derived from. The legality of CBD gummies depends on the plant used to make it. Was Hemp or Marijuana used to make it? One thing you have to understand is, both plants have cannabinoid compounds like THC and CBD. Both compounds are known to have their effects.


For instance, Marijuana strains will have 30% or more of THC. Hemp strain will have a total THC concentration, which is less than 0.3%. According to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp is considered an agricultural crop like any other crop. What that means is, the 2018 Farm bill made CBD gummies legal as long as they stick to the following conditions:


The hemp must have a less than 0.3% concentration of THC.

It has to comply with locals and laws regulation (Both federal and state laws)

Every hemp farmer must have a license to grow the crop

As long as what you are buying follows the regulations above. There’s no cause for alarm or worry. What the bill prohibits or limits is the marijuana-derived CBD.




CBD gummies are great. You will have fun eating and consuming them. You will enjoy the snack while you get the benefits of using CBD. Also, you will get the needed dosage you need because everything is written on the label. If you are a first-time consumer, you can always start small. When you find it doesn’t provide you with the desired effects you want, you can increase the dosage. Sometimes you will need to be patient and give it a week in the body so it works for you.