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Love them!

Love the CBD gummies, they work really well!! Delta is awesome! The CBD cigarettes were great too!

Love this stuff

I love this d8 disty. I use it to make my own carts. Must buy for me! Keep selling it

CBD Distillate
Brandon H
Best deal and good quality

Love this stuff. I blend it together with d8 disty and make my own carts. Love it. I will keep buying 1 jar of each every check till I can't anymore

top of the line

Thank you I am very please.

top of distillate

Thank you I am very pleased to buy this distillate.
Top of the line.

Amazing Products!!!

I have been buying from for awhile now. They have amazing products that taste and smell sooo delicious. Plus shipping time is so quick that it usually comes early. I love there product so much that I only order through them now. I recommend you try there product.

Gone but not forgotten

The best!!!!!!

50mg Delta 8 Thc Gummies - 10 Pack


It hits different with a joint , definitely a good product tho 🔥. I’m buying more soon

Very good

Definitely will be buying again

Dank and Drank!!

If you looking for some relaxation after a long day at work this is for you. Hopefully in future you come out with other flavors. Thanks for the great buy!!

Excellent D8 carts!!

These carts are top of the line. Consistent taste in each cart from start to finish. A lot of other carts lose their taste very quickly and will often leak distillate into the mouthpiece, but not at all with these CBDDY carts. Great potency and you certainly can’t beat the pricing!! 10/10, highly recommended.

It is what’s says to be str8 fireif may add

Real good business fast to send out if waiting it’s the postal an there tail I’ll sit on mine an for a much needed rest I’ll float around a bit 100grams distalate 8 what else is to say

Thc-O Distillate 100G
Joshua Church
Good base for cartridges. Unbeatable price

This THCo is very easy to work with although you really need to add a cannabinoid like THCp or HHCo to actually feel effects almost as strong as ∆9. Jars were a bit small so I am still a bit skeptical they were 100g; however customer service was amazing.

Glad you were happy with the Thco. Each jar was 50 grams and the tare & weight was on the label. We assume everyone has a scale to check. So, there's zero incentive for us to short anyone. 🙂

Delta 8 Thc Vape Carts

These are the best on the market. Thanks!!

Thank you! We take great pride in our d8 vape carts. Glad you love them.

Love these lollipops.

I can't say enough good things about these lollipops. Thanks for the great buy.

We’re happy that you were beyond pleased with the d8 lollipops. Thank you for ordering & trusting us.

So far so good!! Very impressed!!

Only tried one so far but am very impressed. The cereal milk is 🔥. Great flavor and quality. And price for sale was ridiculous!!

Thank you! We’re glad you love the carts. The cereal milk is one of my favorites as well.

Thc-O Distillate 28G
John Benenati

Best deal on 4/20 /22... THCo price at CBDDY. 👌 product 👌 price.

Thank you sir! Glad you are happy with the deal. Check the 100g for $109


After a little of Explanation of How to Use THC-O Properly, u Can't find a Better Deal with Quality of Hemp products. after making edibles , Have no Words. A must Try.

Thank you sir. Glad you are satisfied!


I love thissss!!! Legit buy all the time!! Would never go else where

Thank you Jennifer! We are thankful for your loyalty. 🙂

CBD/Delta 8 Diamonds
Jennifer Rollins

I love all these products so so worth the money!! Will always shop here!! I'm in vermont an this is legit the best place for these products!!

Thank you so much!

Definitely hits hard but nice !!

I am definitely impressed. Love the product. Shipped and came super fast. Wish there was another flavor option like cherry or orange. Not a huge fan of grape but it's good. Only gripe I have is it's really thick and hard to dilute. I tried soda and ice tea but find myself refilling and stirring but drinking mostly syrup on the bottom. Any recommendations. Definitely would buy again. Thanks. Cbddy.

When I pour up, I usually pour 2-3 oz into a sprite or pineapple fanta. I just turn the bottle upside down then back up right for 3-4 minutes until it's all dissolved. I've never tried mixing with anything not carbonated though.

Love love love

Love ur vape carts!! Great product great results!

Thank you so much! We take great pride in our vape carts and are pleased to hear that you love them! We look forward to making them for you for the long haul!

Sugar CBD Cigarette
Jennifer Rollins
Go stuff

I love this place everything I've bought was amazing was fantastic an quick I'm from vermont an will never go anywhere else everrrr!!!

Thank you so much for the kind review. We are very happy to hear that you are happy with everything you have bought at the store as well as ordered on the website. We're working on your lollipops now! Thanks for the loyalty as well, that goes a long way these days. We look forward to shipping to you many more times! Take care guys!

Okay just 1 problem

Great customer service , shout out to chris
but the only problem was the oil doesnt stay down at the bottom at all i kept having to use a lighter to heat it up and let it drip back down

Sorry for that sir! Distillate is thick, we don't cut it with anything so without cutting it we can't really help that. I feel your pain though, I have to do that with ours and those I get from the dispensaries locally. It's super annoying!