How to Deal with Tattoo Pain the CBD Way

How to deal with tattoo pain with cbd

How to Deal with Tattoo Pain the CBD Way


If you’ve ever had a tattoo, you know two things: one, that it can be a thrilling experience, and two, that it’s inevitably a painful one.  The act of getting tattooed is painful enough, but the recovery process can also be extremely painful as the skin must do various things to heal.

Of course, there are pain medications that you can take before, during, and after the tattoo process.  But those who desire a more natural approach may want to look into using cannabidiol (CBD), which is simply a compound derived from the hemp plant which works with the cannabinoid receptors in the skin and muscles to regulate various functions, including pain levels.

What is Tattoo Pain and What Can Be Expected from It?

As you can imagine, the act of having needles in your skin is painful on its own.  The skin doesn’t know that this is a process that you consented to, and so it interprets it as a traumatic injury.  Pain receptors in the various layers of the skin, as well as the muscles, can respond quite strongly to the act of getting tattooed.

That’s not all, however.  Tattoo pain can last for a considerable length of time once the tattoo is done.  After all, tattooing injures the skin, and so it can take a while for the skin to heal – up to a week, in fact.  During this time, the inflammatory response is fully active, which leaves the skin red and tender to the touch, and often sore.

Also, the top layer of the skin is inevitably irritated after a tattoo, which means that the skin may be dry, itchy, and flaky while dead skin cells shed, and new ones take their places.  The irritation alone can be quite difficult to manage without some help in the form of a topical.

So, it is completely natural then for a tattoo to hurt while it’s being done, and for pain to remain for up to a week.  But, if the pain lasts longer than that, you should seek medical attention.  Not only that, but if the pain is accompanied by intense swelling, bleeding, or other unusual symptoms, medical attention is essential as this may indicate an infection.

CBD and Tattoo Pain

As we mentioned in the beginning, cannabinoid receptors in the skin and muscles are in charge of regulating important processes such as pain and inflammation levels.  Still, they can’t do that all on their own.  What they need is cannabinoids, which is where cannabidiol comes into the picture.  Being a highly bioavailable cannabinoid, CBD feeds these cannabinoid receptors, acting as fuel that allows them to perform their job properly.

In fact, many studies have been done regarding CBD’s potential effects on pain, both when used topically and taken orally.  One particular piece of research observed that CBD can offer both analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, meaning that it may reduce inflammation while also interfering with pain signals that travel through the nervous system from the affected area to the brain.  Therefore, you can imagine why so many people are using CBD specifically for tattoo-related pain.

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Using CBD for Tattoo Pain

If you have an upcoming tattoo appointment, we recommend grabbing some CBD to take before and after getting that new and awesome tattoo.

Taking CBD Prior to the Tattoo Session Beginning 

Cannabidiol in the form of a tincture, vape oil, edible, or capsule will allow your body to become acclimated to the feeling of the tattoo being inked onto your skin.  It essentially helps ease your nerves going into it.  However, you should try the product at home prior to your tattoo appointment to make sure the CBD is working and/or you’re not having any type of negative reaction to it.  The form you take it on can vary for when it starts to “kick in”. Usually vapes take the least amount of time (within 5-10 minutes), followed by tinctures (20-30 minutes), capsules (1-1 ½ hours) and then edibles (1-2 hours).

Note: Duration times for when you feel the effects begin and how long they can last for depends not only on the delivery method, but the product’s potency level, hemp extract type, other ingredients, and even your own body type such as tolerance to cannabidiol.

Taking CBD After the Tattoo Session is Completed

We suggest topical CBD products such as creams, lotions, balms, salves, gels, or roll-on sticks, which all come in an array of milligram strengths, either using full spectrum or broad spectrum hemp extract, contain cooling or soothing agents/ingredients such as menthol or eucalyptus, and can be applied directly to the affected area (reaching localized cannabinoid receptors for pain relief), after the tattoo is finished and the skin is healing.  

Recommendation: Use a CBD topical solution daily until the area is fully-healed for best results. 

Bottom Line: CBD is used for a variety of complaints, and now, you can add tattoo pain to that list.  Use this guide to go about using CBD properly for the best chances of success, and remember, choose your CBD wisely as not all hemp products are made equally in terms of quality and effectiveness.


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