Is There a Difference Between “Premium” and “All-Natural” Ingredients in a CBD Product?

Although both premium and all-natural ingredients matter when it comes to choosing a CBD product, neither all premium nor all-natural ingredients are equally of value, so don’t simply take these terms at face value.

When the time comes to buy a CBD product, we are obviously doing so because of the cannabidiol that’s in the said product type, regardless of delivery method.  CBD is the leading cannabinoid in the hemp plant, and it has also been widely studied for its various effects that can be useful to the body.  However, this compound is not the only ingredient that’s in a hemp-infused product.  Almost every commercial CBD-based product on the market consists of a formula full of unique ingredients that work together to make it easy to use, enjoyable, and effective at absorbing into the body.

So, the next time you shop for cannabidiol, you should be taking into consideration every ingredient listed on the product’s label.  In fact, there are two terms that you’ll frequently see while reading about a CBD product: “premium” and “all-natural”.  These two phrases may sound like they mean the same thing, but as you will find out they don’t.  Understanding the difference between the two can help you make better choices and be that much closer to finding the relief that you deserve with a hemp routine.

What are Premium Ingredients?

Premium ingredients refer to any ingredients that have been modified to increase their value.  For instance, a botanical extract can go through an extra purification process to make it more pure and therefore cleaner for the body.  This would make it a premium ingredient compared to the botanical extract produced using conventional standards.  

Premium ingredients can be given their status by other methods as well.  For instance, they may be fortified with additional nutrients, may be fermented to increase their health-related value or may have been extracted using an advanced method that yields a better product overall.

What are All-Natural Ingredients?

All-natural ingredients are any ingredients that have been derived from natural sources.  They come from plants and have likely been used for centuries at least because of their medicinal or otherwise useful properties.  Many people gravitate toward all-natural formulas because they tend to be gentler on the system while not being as likely to become addictive or potentially toxic when consumed regularly or in high doses.

Are Premium and All-Natural Ingredients the Same Thing?

Premium ingredients can be natural, and natural ingredients can be premium.  But, these two things are not the same.  For instance, a standard lavender essential oil that’s produced using conventional methods is not premium, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not highly useful to the body, as numerous studies will tell you.  Furthermore, a synthetic ingredient can be premium because of how it was refined in a laboratory, but that doesn’t mean that it’s natural.

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Another thing to keep in mind is that just because something is natural doesn’t mean that it’s safe.  There are many toxic substances that occur in nature that should be avoided at all costs.  And there are many premium synthetic ingredients that can be dangerous if taken in high doses.

Applying This Information to Your CBD Purchases

Knowing what you do now about premium and all-natural ingredients, you can see that while these terms do give insight into the overall quality and attention to detail used to produce a product, they remain blanket terms.  So, what does this mean when it comes to choosing a CBD product?  Essentially, it means that you should pay attention to the individual ingredients rather than these terms.

Yes, premium and all-natural are objectively good things.  These are signs that a company goes the extra mile to produce high-quality hemp goods.  However, even the formulas from the most well-meaning companies can leave a lot to be desired despite their being all-natural and made with premium ingredients.

What this means is that you as a consumer should take the time to look at every ingredient listed in a product’s description or on its label.  All-natural and premium are good starts, but they don’t mean that the formula is objectively superior to everything else that’s on the market.

  1. You should always confirm that the ingredients are, in fact, all-natural.  A problem is that the term “natural” can be used by any company regardless of how truthful it is.  There are ways for companies to sneak in synthetic ingredients without saying so explicitly, while still claiming that they use all-natural formulas. 
  2. If a company claims that they use premium ingredients, you should find out what those premium ingredients are, and what makes them premium to begin with.  
  3. Does the extra effort to make an ingredient premium actually benefit the formula as a whole?
  4. As you go through each ingredient, make sure that you know what it is and how it enhances the formula.  Not to mention, how consuming or applying those ingredients to your body daily could affect you overall.
  5. If a product is loaded with fillers and additives, it’s likely not as high in quality as you would like it to be.

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