Your Easy Guide to Knowing Flight Regulations When Carrying CBD or Delta 8 THC On-Board


Your Easy Guide to Knowing Flight Regulations When Carrying CBD or Delta 8 THC On-Board


Are you an avid CBD or delta 8 THC user who also loves traveling?  If so, you’re probably eager to know what the rules are regarding bringing hemp on a plane.  After all, the laws regarding these cannabinoids in this country are relatively murky despite the fact that hemp is federally legal.  And, none of us want our precious CBD or delta-8 to get confiscated at an airport.

Is Hemp in General Allowed on Flights?

The thing is, technically, you’re not supposed to.  According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), no cannabis products are allowed on flights or inside airports.  However, because CBD and delta 8 are federally legal, there is a bit of a loophole going on.  While the TSA does not allow hemp technically, they also know that legally, you really cannot get into trouble for having them because their protected by federal law due to the 2018 Farm Bill.  Still, it is up to your TSA agent to use their discretion.  If they want, they have every right to confiscate it.

Could You Get in Trouble for Bring Your CBD or Delta Along?

There is always a small possibility, but it is extremely unlikely.  For one thing, most TSA agents recognize that CBD, and now delta 8 THC, is widely used and legal, and so they aren’t likely to penalize you for having some.  Additionally, the TSA is largely concerned with detecting weapons and other things in your luggage that have the potential to harm someone else.  They really are not prioritizing substances such as hemp.  

So, it is just not likely that the TSA is going to care that much if they so happen to come across some CBD or delta 8 in a piece of luggage.

Does the Type of Product Matter?

The type of product does not matter, whether it’s a bottle of CBD or delta 8 vape oil, a tincture, edibles, shatter, or anything else.  Still, do keep in mind that smoking or vaping in general is not allowed inside an airport or on an airplane.  If you’re caught doing this with CBD or delta-8, you will likely get into trouble.

Can You Bring CBD or Delta 8 THC on an International Flight?

In the United States, CBD and delta 8 THC is legal, as long as it comes from the hemp plant.  However, there are countries around the world in which possession of these cannabinoids is illegal, and depending on the country’s laws, you can get into serious trouble for having it with you.  So, if you are traveling internationally, thoroughly check the laws of your destination regarding CBD possession.

How to Fly with Hemp

As you can see, the rules regarding traveling with CBD or delta 8 THC are a little bit complicated.  However, knowing these things will greatly reduce the risk of having your hemp confiscated.  Now, let’s provide you with some tips that will make traveling with these product types as smooth of an experience as possible.

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Tip #1: Follow General TSA Rules and Guidelines

The TSA really wants you to follow their rules and guidelines, as failing to do so can cause problems.  When traveling with hemp, make sure that you adhere to their rules regarding how it must be contained, where it can be stored and so on.  If you fail to follow their rules, you might raise some red flags.

Tip #2: Bring Any Documents

This can include lab results that verify that the CBD or delta 8 THC you have does not contain an amount of THC that’s illegal, as well as a note from your doctor stating that they recommended you take that said product.  This way, if your CBD or delta-8 does happen to raise a red flag, you have documentation to support your decision to take it with you.

Tip #3: Label Your Products

If you don’t plan on bringing your CBD or delta 8 with you in its original packaging, make sure that you do label what it is.  For instance, if you’re putting a CBD tincture into a small bottle, label that bottle as CBD.  This way, your TSA agent won’t have to inspect it.

Tip #4: Put Your CBD and/or Delta 8 in Your Carry-On Luggage

Believe it or not, it’s recommended that you put your hemp-based products in your carry-on luggage.  This is because carry-on luggage is subjected to less examination, which reduces the chances of your CBD or delta 8 being messed with.  

Tip #5: Be Polite

Your TSA agents are less likely to see you as suspicious if you’re generally polite and agreeable.  Those who are aggressive or rude raise red flags, because these agents are primarily concerned with the safety of passengers.  

Bottom Line: Just remember to use common sense, be courteous, and follow the rules in order to have a hassle-free experience.


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